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Frequently asked questions from teachers

As a lecturer at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, you can find out about all the important topics here.

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Information for your teaching assignment

Your teaching assignment will be issued to you by the Human Resources Department on the recommendation of the faculty. Once you have received the letter of request, please send all the documents requested in the letter of request back to the university as soon as possible. You will then receive your teaching assignment from the university administration (Human Resources Service) together with the relevant documents (e.g. conditions for the teaching assignment, time accounting form).

Once you have completed your teaching assignment and submitted the examination documents, you can invoice the corresponding fees and travel expenses. A corresponding billing form will be sent to you together with the official letter of appointment as a lecturer.

The following components can be included in the invoice:

  • Teaching hours: approx. 15 units per SWS (1 UE corresponds to 45 minutes, preparation times and break times are not included in the calculation)
  • Examinations: from a number of participants of 71 persons
  • Travel expenses: from place of residence / usual place of work (0.25 euros / kilometre, one-way max. 100 km)

Accommodation costs cannot be covered. Please hand in the completed invoice form either to Ms Schmiedel (Study Programmes) or to Mr Jenisch (General Studies and Languages).

Courses at Landshut University of Applied Sciences take place from October to January inclusive (winter semester) or from 15 March to July inclusive (summer semester).

The courses usually take place weekly or fortnightly (even and odd calendar weeks) during the lecture period. In justified exceptional cases, courses are also offered in blocks.

The lectures/seminars take place in the following faculty-specific time blocks:

Block 1

08:45 - 10:15 a.m.

Block 4

14:30 - 16:00

Block 2

10:25 - 11:55 a.m.

Block 5

16:10 - 17:40

Block 3

12:10 - 13:40

Block 6

17:50 - 19:20

The exact dates of your course can be found in the lecture timetable.

To the current semester dates

Before you start your teaching assignment at Landshut University of Applied Sciences, please collect your university account in person from the IT Service (N1 01) Mon - Thu: 10:15 -11:30 and 12:15 - 14:30, Fri: 08:30 - 11:30 . Appointments outside opening hours are possible by appointment. Please also bring your identity card with you.

Functions of the account: University e-mail account, W-LAN access, Moodle access

Further information can be obtained from IT Service.

With the help of your university account, you can access the internet in all buildings on the university campus using your own internet-enabled mobile devices (laptop, smartphone, etc.) via the WLAN network. You can use either the education roaming service (eduroam) of the German Research Network (DFN) or BayernWLAN.

You can access the service portal at the web address "". Services are booked via the new service portal.
You can also use the service portal to view your courses and participant lists and to send a collective e-mail to the relevant students. At the end of the semester, you can also use the self-service portal to book your coursework.

Contact persons:

Service IT, Room N1 01, Tel.: 0871/ 506 126, support(at)

Moodle is a learning platform for students and offers both students and lecturers a protected space in which both groups can work and communicate interactively. As a lecturer, you can, for example, make teaching materials available, have homework completed or provide test exams.

You can access Moodle via the following link:

Please log in with your university account. Select the relevant semester and the faculty "Interdisciplinary Studies" and click on "Request course". Please complete the relevant form and wait for confirmation from Moodle Support. They will also be available to answer any questions you may have. There is also a guide with explanations of all the important functions in Moodle (can be found on the homepage of the Faculty IDS under Downloads General / Moodle Guide).


If your contact details change, please let us know and forward your current details to the secretariat of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies:

Contact persons:

Claudia Walther, Room C1 54, Tel.: 0871/ 506 633, claudia.walther(at)

Michael Jenisch, Room C1 23, Tel.: 0871/ 506 303, michael.jenisch(at)

To the site plan incl. designation of the buildings

The buildings are numbered alphabetically. Rooms on the ground floor are preceded by a 0, rooms on the first and second floors begin with 1 and 2 respectively.

All lecture and seminar rooms are equipped with a whiteboard, visualiser and projector. Please do not use waterproof pens on the whiteboards. You will find special whiteboard markers and board wipers in the relevant rooms.

Please use your own laptop for presentations, playing videos or showing other digital teaching materials or websites during the course. Portable speakers for your laptop can be borrowed from the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. It is also possible to borrow digital cameras, dictation machines and transcription pedals.

Contact persons:

Sylvia Schmiedel Room C1 56, Tel.: 0871/ 506 424, sylvia.schmiedel(at)

Katharina Brunnbauer, Room C1 21, Tel. 0871/ 506 428, katharina.brunnbauer(at)

The copy room of the IDS faculty is C1 35.
You can get the key in the following rooms: C1 21, C1 23 or C1 56.

Lecturer's room with photocopier: D U01 (you can get the door code from the secretary's office)

University photocopying room: C0 22 (Supervision by Mr Pöffel Tel.: 0871/ 506 238)

Outside normal office hours, the lecturer's room C1 36 can also be used with a corresponding access code (you can obtain the code from the secretary's office).

Lecture planning for the degree programmes in the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies is carried out by the faculty advisors together with the module coordinators. Lecture planning for the Studium Generale and the language courses is organised by Mr Jenisch together with Ms Radosai and Ms Brunnbauer.

Contact persons:

Dean of Studies:
Prof. Dr Hannah Jörg, Room C1 49, Tel.: 0871/ 506 575, hannah.joerg(at)

If your lecture is planned as an online lecture, you have the option of obtaining a university zoom licence. To apply for your licence and for support, please contact Sylvia Schmiedel (Room C1 56)
Tel.: +49 (0) 871 506 424.

If you are planning an excursion with students as part of your course, you must announce this to the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies in advance for insurance reasons and obtain approval from the Dean of Studies of the Faculty, Prof. Dr Jörg.

If you incur costs for the excursion (e.g. travel costs), you can submit an application for reimbursement of costs to the Study Grant Commission in advance. You can find an application to the Study Grant Commission on the faculty website. Each application must be approved by the respective programme director before being forwarded by the faculty officers and must be submitted by 15 April in the summer semester and by 20 October in the winter semester. Please discuss excursions as part of a course in the Studium Generale or a course in the language section with Mr Jenisch.

You can find documents on the liability committee or the settlement of travel expenses in the download area.

In order to ensure and further develop the quality of our courses, various courses are evaluated each semester. The relevant courses are selected by the Dean of Studies in accordance with the criteria set out in the Landshut University of Applied Sciences evaluation regulations.

The online evaluation takes place in the middle of the semester or, in the case of block courses, in the middle of the seminar. The procedure is as follows:

You will receive the relevant information for your course from Sylvia Schmiedel (Study Programmes) or Katharina Brunnbauer (Studium Generale and Languages) by e-mail, stating that the survey has been created and opened for your seminar. Students will automatically receive a link to the online survey by e-mail. (You will find a corresponding guideline on the homepage of the Faculty IDS under Downloads).

The evaluation of your course serves the purpose of quality assurance in the area of teaching. You will receive feedback on the progress and acceptance of your course and can make changes if necessary and, where possible, adapt the course to the students' wishes. In addition to this formalised evaluation, it is advisable to obtain (and give) verbal feedback from students during the course when the opportunity arises in order to ensure that the learning process is satisfactory for everyone involved.

Our Dean of Studies, Prof Dr Jörg, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the content of the course. If you have any questions about the formal evaluation process, please contact Sylvia Schmiedel (degree programmes) or Katharina Brunnbauer (general studies and languages).

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr Hannah Jörg, Room C1 49, Tel.: 0871/ 506 575, hannah.joerg(at)

Sylvia Schmiedel, Room C1 56 Tel.: 0871/ 506 424, sylvia.schmiedel(at)

Katharina Brunnbauer, Room C1 21, Tel. 0871/ 506 428, katharina.brunnbauer(at)

At the end of the semester, credits are booked via the SSO portal. If necessary, the booking is also made via the respective module supervisor. Please contact them for this. You can find detailed information on booking credits in the SSO portal in the download area.

Please inform the Examination Board once you have entered your achievements in the SSO portal.

In the event of technical difficulties, please contact

Contact persons:

  • Prof. Dr Prof. Dr Sascha Hauke, Room C1 50, Tel.: 0871/506 778, sascha.hauke(at)
  • Module coordinator of the respective module
  • Mrs Schmiedel, Room C1 56, Tel.: 0871/ 506 424,

If you have any problems, please contact our Dean of Studies:

Prof Dr Hannah Jörg,
Room C1 49, Tel.: 0871/ 506 575,

If a lecture has to be cancelled due to illness, please inform the following persons as early as possible (by telephone or e-mail):

  • Module supervisor
  • Faculty advisors (Claudia Walther, Inga Bourdillon, Veronika Barnerßoi) or coordinator (Michael Jenisch: General Studies and Languages)
  • Sylvia Schmiedel (degree programmes), Katharina Brunnbauer (general studies), Brigitte Radosai (languages)

If you can be replaced by another teacher, please also inform the above-mentioned persons.

Please also inform the students concerned as soon as possible. Please also arrange an alternative date with them and notify the following contact persons of the new date with regard to room bookings.

Contact persons:

Sylvia Schmiedel (Study Programmes), Room C1 56, Tel.: 0871/ 506 424,

Brigitte Radosai (Languages), Room C1 21, Tel.: 0871/ 506 280, brigitte.radosai(at)

Katharina Brunnbauer (General Studies), Room C1 21, Tel.: 0871/ 506 280, katharina.brunnbauer(at)