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Study start

As a student in your first semester, you will find all the important information about the courses at the start of your studies here.

Eine Person mit Block unter dem Arm lächelt in die Kamera.

A warm welcome

We are delighted to welcome you as a student in your first semester at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies.

On the homepage you will find a wealth of information that will provide you with many important details about your studies, the university, the Faculty IDS and, of course, your respective degree programmes even before you actually start.

Information on the lecture plans, the study and examination regulations, the study and examination plans and module handbooks can be found under your respective degree programme or on the website of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies.

If you have any urgent concerns before the start of your degree programme, when we will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact the IDS Faculty Office.

Download the programme