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Ein Dozierender erklärt drei Studierenden die Antriebsmechanik eines Mähdreschers

Faculty Mechanical and Civil Engineering

Ein Dozierender erklärt drei Studierenden die Antriebsmechanik eines Mähdreschers

The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering stands for a well-founded technical degree programme in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and civil engineering at Bachelor's and Master's level. With the Bachelor's degree programmes "Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)", "Automotive Engineering", "Civil Engineering" and "Mechanical Engineering", the faculty focuses on promising branches that open up new perspectives and development opportunities for students.

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Study at the faculty

The faculty presents contemporary degree programmes in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and civil engineering. These programmes are characterised by a focus on current developments in engineering. Students benefit from practical projects and modern laboratory facilities that ensure comprehensive preparation for the demands of industry.

Research at the faculty

There is a close link between applied research and teaching. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering aims to maintain its leading position in teaching and applied research within Bavaria in the following areas:

  • Automotive and commercial vehicle technology
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Lightweight construction (recognised competence centre for lightweight construction and lightweight construction cluster)
  • Numerical simulation
  • Production and logistics systems