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Turn Ideas Into Reality

Are you thinking about founding your own company or start-up? Would you like to deepen your knowledge of entrepreneurship and founding? The start-up centre at Landshut University of Applied Sciences supports your innovative ideas right through to the successful founding of your company. We provide students from all faculties, alumni, professors and employees of Landshut University of Applied Sciences with information, advice and support.

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Motivational film - the start-up centre introduces itself

Why found a company? How does that even work? And why me? Our film shows why it is worthwhile and why it is often a question of perspective.

Projektlogo des Projektes Impact For Future

Impact For Future

Impact for Future (IFF for short) is a unique, interdisciplinary and cross-university project in which students and lecturers from all disciplines come together to anchor impact orientation and sustainability in university teaching.

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Our start-ups

Bild: Logo des Start-ups IFOX Systems GmbH

IFOX Systems GmbH

Bild: Logo des Start-ups GmbH GmbH

Bild: Logo des Start-ups Recrewt GmbH


Bild: Logo des Start-ups samtida


Bild: Logo des Start-ups Unternehmensfreund UG

Company friend UG

Bild: Logo des Start-ups Mycistern


Bild: Logo des Start-ups Easy Funding GmbH

EasyFunding GmbH

Bild: Logo des Start-ups comaris


Bild: Logo des Start-ups consulting lab

Consulting Lab

Bild: Logo des Start-ups ringbach GmbH

ringbach GmbH

Contact persons

Foto: Eva Rohrmüller Projektleiterin Gründerzentrum

Project Manager Start-up Centre

Foto: Markus Hofer, Beratung und Coaching Gründerzentrum

Start-up consultant / Start-up coach

Foto: Christina Steckermeier Ausbildungskoordination Gründerzentrum

Training Coordinator Start-up Centre