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The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies currently has a total of 4 laboratories in the fields of Health, Sign Language, Media and Communication and Human Factors Engineering.

Drei Personen lesen etwas von einem Block.
Vier Personen in medizinischer Kleidung und Stethoskop um den Hals lächeln in die Kamera.


Centre of interdisciplinary medical and midwifery teaching and training (CIMT) as an interdisciplinary teaching and training centre for skills and simulation training in the Physician Assistant and Midwifery degree courses for primary and further qualification.

Zwei Personen stehen vor einem Roboter. Eine person hat ein Bedienfeld in der Hand.

Human Factors (Engineering) Laboratory

The Human Factors (Engineering) Laboratory is an experimental and creative space for practice-oriented teaching in the Engineering Psychology degree programme.

Vier Personen sind nebeneinander, drei davon sind im Besitz einer Kamera, die andere Person zeigt mit der linken Hand nach vorne.

Media Lab

The media labs are part of the "New Media & Intercultural Communication" degree programme. They offer a wide range of photo and film equipment, including various cameras and lenses, recording devices, continuous lighting and flash systems, tripods, background systems, props and costumes.

Man sieht eine Wasserstoff-Brennstoffzelle im Physik-Labor und eine Person davor die Wasser in einen Behälter füllt.

Physics laboratory

Physics experiments on various topics can be carried out and analysed in the physics laboratory. At the same time, the equipment in the laboratory offers students the opportunity to realise their own experimental ideas and projects.

Eine Person sitzt in einem Raum und hält einen Stift und einen Block.

Sign language laboratory