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Topics of the future

In a changing world of life and work with new opportunities and risks, it is important to find holistic solutions to the complex challenges of our time. In addition to our seven degree programmes, the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies also offers foreign language courses and the Studium Generale.

Mehrere Personen stehen nebeneinander und eine Person hält ein Solar Strom Set in der Hand
Man sieht fünf Personen. Vier sitzen und eine steht. Die stehende Person hält ein Skelettbecken in der Hand.

Bachelor degree programmes

All degree programmes at the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies are geared towards working on and with people and are characterised by an interdisciplinary working environment. They address socially important topics in a regional, national and international context.

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Vier Personen stehen nebeneinander. Die zwei äußeren Personen halten die Kamera vor ihre Gesichter während die beiden Personen in der Mitte sich Bilder von der letzten Kamera anschauen.

General studies

In addition to acquiring specialised knowledge, it is extremely important for students to acquire further skills in a complex, constantly changing world of life and work, while at the same time developing their own personality. This option is made possible by the competence-orientated courses within the Studium Generale at our university.

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Vier Personen stehen um einen Tisch herum und schauen auf einen Tisch.

Ongoing study programme

Here you will find all the important information about your degree programme, such as lecture timetables, examination schedules and lists of resources, as well as information on viewing examinations.

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A student works on a technical device in the laboratory.


The practical semester or practical components are an important part of the degree programme and offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into the various possible professions.

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Five students sit together at a table and learn together.

Module study

Modular studies are aimed at anyone who is not yet sure whether a degree programme is right for them or who cannot yet decide between several degree programmes. The Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies offers modules from the Bachelor's degree programme in Engineering Education.

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Four students look together at the screen of a laptop.

Study start

Before you start your studies, find out important details about studying in general, the university, the faculty and your particular degree programme.

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