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Human Factors (Engineering) Laboratory

The Human Factors (Engineering) Laboratory is an experimental and creative space for practice-oriented teaching in the Engineering Psychology degree programme.

Head:Prof. Dr. Bettina Williger
Rooms:C0 25
Phone:0871 506 541

Zwei Personen stehen vor einem Roboter.

The Human Factors (Engineering) Laboratory supports practice-orientated teaching and research in engineering psychology across all phases of system development: from user research, concept development, interaction design, prototyping and implementation through to system evaluation.

In the experimental room, technical products and systems as well as multimodal human-technology interfaces are evaluated using different methodological approaches with the help of internal and external test subjects. In addition to video observation and audio recording, a range of psycho-physiological measurement methods are available for this purpose (e.g. eye tracker, phletysmography, electrodermal activity).

In the creative workshop, new interaction systems and innovative human-technology interfaces are conceptualised/designed and developed, prototypically implemented and qualitatively evaluated. In addition to design and prototyping software, extensive usability, user experience and design thinking equipment is available for the application of creative and evaluation methods.

The methods and technical equipment correspond to the state of the art in practice and application-orientated research.


Video cameras and microphone
Eye tracker
Phletysmography (heart rate)
Electrodermal activity
Audiometer and eye chart
UX design and usability testing equipment
Design thinking equipment
Vienna test system
Input and output devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops)
Evaluation and analysis software (e.g. SPSS, MaxQDA)
Prototyping software (e.g. figma, Adobe InDesign)