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Physics laboratory

Physics experiments on various topics can be carried out and analysed in the physics laboratory. At the same time, the equipment in the laboratory offers students the opportunity to realise their own experimental ideas and projects.

Head:Prof. Dr. Andreas Hauptner
Rooms:K0 07
Phone:0871 506 503

Zwei Personen beobachten einen elektronischen Versuchsaufbau.

The physics laboratory primarily provides the infrastructure to practically implement the "Physics practical course" and "Physics laboratory project" modules in the Engineering Education degree programme for the Physics teaching subject. This means that practical experiments on current physics topics can be carried out, quantitative measurements made and analysed using prepared experimental set-ups. General equipment and measuring devices are also available for the laboratory project in addition to the practical course experiments. Students can therefore also experiment creatively and realise their own ideas.

In addition, the physics laboratory is also available for carrying out experimental Bachelor theses and is open to all other interested parties.


Viscosity determination of liquids
Experiments with ultrasound
Diffraction and interference of light
Light polarisation and Faraday effect
Experiments on the photoelectric effect and photovoltaics
Investigations into hydrogen electrolysis and hydrogen fuel cells
Reversion pendulum
Thermopile and thermal imaging camera
Digital microscope and analytical balance
Multimeter, oscilloscopes, function generators
Smartphones for phyphox experiments
Evaluation computer with Origin software