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New media and intercultural communication

Lecture plans

You can download the current timetables here.

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Lecture plan 2nd semester

The module "MUK220 Internet Technologies & Media Informatics" consists of a lecture, exercises and a bonus. The lecture takes place in the whole group and you can choose between group A and B for the exercises. The bonus is a selection of workshops that you can choose from. A total of 3 workshops are offered, of which you may choose 2 (film editing, Photoshop, InDesign). Each workshop is offered twice with identical content. The workshops are part of the module; it has proven to be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the relevant software programmes (according to your interests and previous knowledge) at this point in your studies. The contents are not part of the examination, but are included in the grade via the bonus option.

The module "MUK240 Intercultural Communication" consists of the specialisations Business and Politics. For both specialisations, there is a lecture in the whole group and exercises in which you can choose between group A and B.

The module MUK210 is also offered in 2 groups (A and B), the modules MUK230 and MUK250 each in the whole group.

Summer semester 2024

Lecture plan 4th semester

The MUK410 module is shared by the lecturers Alfred-Joachim Hermanni and Felipe Martínez with different country focuses. You can choose a group (A or B) and will therefore be able to attend the lectures of both lecturers.

The MUK420 module extends over several individual dates on different days of the week. Please note that in addition to the group sessions, there are also group sessions.

The MUK430 module is offered in the whole group and for the MUK440 and MUK450 modules you would also have to decide on a fixed group.

Summer semester 2024

Lecture plan 6th semester

There are 3 compulsory elective modules in the 6th semester:

  • MUK640 Intercultural Communication: Specialisation
  • MUK650 Journalism
  • MUK660 Current Topics & Trends

These 3 modules must be taken. BUT: There will be 3 different courses to choose from within each of these 3 modules. You can choose 1 of these 3 courses per module and must then actively enrol for this course via the self-service portal (you will receive information on this via the notice board as usual). Unfortunately, multiple enrolments cannot be considered, i.e. you must choose 1 course per module. If the permitted number of participants has already been reached at the time of your enrolment, please enrol for one of the other remaining courses. Each course promises an exciting topic with an interesting objective!

An overview of the various courses within the 3 compulsory elective modules can be found on the right under the lecture timetable.

Please note that for the WPFM MUK650 Journalism there is an additional basic seminar on the topic of "Journalism" for each individual course, which Till Krause is responsible for. For example, if you decide to take the MUK650.2 course, Marcel Meinert will teach it on Mondays and Till Krause's corresponding basic seminar will take place on Tuesdays in the 1st block of even-numbered weeks, etc.

There is no compulsory attendance for the modules MUK610 and MUK630, as these take place in the whole group. Exception: the module MUK620 also takes place in the whole group, but you must actively take this if you wish to complete it in the coming semester. Various online projects are in preparation and we need binding information on who would like to take and complete the module in summer 2024.