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Further information

Grading dates for the summer semester 2024

Placement for Spanish, Italian, French, English.

Link to the placement tests:

Course: 2024 SoSe Placement Languages (

RZ-Account (Moodle access) necessary! Placement test open.

Enrolment code: Einstufung_SprachenSoSe24

General information about the placement test:

You can be placed in English (40 min), French (30 min), Spanish (30 min) and Italian (30 min) and DaF.

English: If you would like to take a UNIcert® III course in English (level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), you must take the placement test and present proof of placement (printout of the placement result) in class on the first day of the course

If you have passed a UNIcert® II course in English with 2.0 or better, this also counts as authorisation to access the UNIcert® - III courses.

If you have previous knowledge of Spanish, French or Italian, you must take part in the placement test before attending the first language course at Landshut University of Applied Sciences so that the correct course can be assigned for entry into the language programme. Then enrolment in the self-service portal.

For all language courses, enrolment takes place via the self-service portal - from 06.03.2024 (8 pm)

Enrolment languages summer semester 2024:

06.03.2024 (20:00) - 18.03.2024 (23:59)

Enrol in the SB-Portal under Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies - Languages or Studium Generale - F. Languages and Intercultural Studies .

Please note before you enrol:

  1. Find out about the current language courses on offer on our homepage in the timetable/course plan.

  2. Plan your language courses in accordance with the timetable of your faculty; we try to take all timetables into account, but with 6 faculties with different degree programmes, it is impossible to avoid overlaps for individuals.

  3. If you miss an appointment in the first week, your admission to the course will be cancelled. Please inform the teacher if you are absent in the first week. Students who are on the waiting list can move up on the first day of the course if places become available (please contact the lecturer).

  4. Language courses are recognised as Studium Generale (with the exception of courses that only end with an oral examination); if you have to take compulsory foreign languages in your degree programme, please ask your faculty in advance which language courses are recognised as Studium Generale.

  5. You can enrol for a maximum of 3 language courses per semester. If you are seriously interested in more language courses, please contact the Languages Department.

  6. Enrolment for UNIcert® III courses in Englishin the self-service portal. Prerequisite: Placement test completed (see homepage) + show proof of placement (printout of placement result) in class on the first day of the course.

Students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences who require a language certificate in English for a semester abroad or an internship abroad should proceed as follows:

  1. In preparation for a stay abroad where the language of communication is English, it is generally advisable to take at least one English language course from the language programme of the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies.

  2. The language certificate will be issued by Ms Margit Dumser if at least one language course at the required level has been completed with a final grade of 2.0 or better or if several successfully completed courses at the required level can be proven. Please send the following documents to Mrs Dumser:

    • usually the DAAD form or another form required for the specific purposes of the stay abroad.

    • The grade overview of the language course passed at Landshut University of Applied Sciences

  3. If no language course completed at HAW Landshut can be proven, it is possible to take the language test for outgoings. The score achieved in the test determines the language level to be certified.

    You can find the placement test on Moodle at:

Enrolment code: Einstufung_SprachenSoSe24

If you have any questions about your language level or need advice, please contact Ms Margit Dumser. Office hours: Thursday 13:00 - 14:00, Room C230

Do you speak Russian or Turkish and want to

  • learn to read and write better?
  • Professionalise your use of the language?
  • Expand your vocabulary in various areas?

Then you can acquire a generally recognised language certificate within the framework of UNIcert® in our heritage language programme.


  • Russian as a heritage language UNIcert® I (level B1 of the CEFR)
  • Russian as a heritage language UNIcert® II (level B2 of the GeR)


  • Turkish as a heritage language UNIcert® III, 1a + 1b (level C1 of the CEFR)
  • Turkish as a heritage language UNIcert® III, 2a + 2b (level C1 of the CEFR)

There are currently no intensive holiday courses planned.

Here you will find the study and examination regulations for the language programme at Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

In the study and examination regulations you will find the most important examination-relevant regulations for the individual degree programmes. The study and examination regulations are issued by the Senate at the suggestion of the respective faculty. They regulate the course content, the modules, the duration of the courses, etc. However, they are not exhaustive. However, they are not exhaustive and are supplemented by the General Examination Regulations of the university (APO) and the Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act (BayHIG).