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Qualifizierte Praxisanleitung in der Sozialen Arbeit

Further training programme for practice supervisors in social work

The qualified supervision of students during the practical semester is an important and challenging task.
Under the professional guidance of social pedagogues or social workers, students learn to apply the knowledge they have acquired at the university in a client-centred manner and to critically question it. This enables them to expand their professional skills and, as part of a professional team, familiarise themselves with everyday working life in social work institutions. These experiences during the practical phase in combination with the practical reflection at the university ultimately also contribute to the development of the students' own professional identity.
In order to be able to support supervisors in this challenging task, the Faculty of Social Work offers the opportunity to participate in a two-day training course "Qualified Practice Guidance in Social Work".


  • Importance and framework conditions of the practical semester within the degree programme
  • Role and function of guidance
  • Planning and realisation of guidance during the different phases of the internship

The training programme is currently being revised. You will soon find more information on dates, registration and costs on this page.