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Über die Fakultät

The Faculty of Social Work was one of the first faculties to be established before today's Landshut University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1978. We started lecturing in the winter semester of 1973/74.
In addition to an intensive practical and research-based education, students particularly appreciate the manageable size of the faculty and the resulting personal atmosphere.

Drei Personen sitzen in einem Gebäude an einem Tisch auf Stühlen und schauen sich an.
Man sieht einen Platz im freien. In der Mitte stehen Bänke und ein Gebäude mit dem Buchstaben D.

About us

18 professors, five lecturers for special tasks and a large number of lecturers from the various practical fields of social work ensure a comprehensive range of courses.

The faculty is supported administratively by the faculty secretariat, two faculty officers and a practice officer.

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Studierende steigen aus dem Bus aus

Excursions and study trips

Excursions and study trips are invaluable in the field of social work. We offer students the opportunity to learn about theory in practice and gain insight into the real-world challenges and solutions that occur in this field. Field trips and study tours, both at home and abroad, allow students to observe and compare different approaches and methods of social work. These visits allow students to apply and expand their skills and knowledge in real-life situations. In addition, the comparison of social work at home and abroad enables a deeper understanding of the diversity and complexity of this field of work and promotes the development of best practices and innovative solutions to the challenges in social work.

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Mehrere Personen sitzen in einem Kreis zusammen. Sie lächeln.

Laboratories and workshops

Our students can try out many things in the labs. The research and media lab is ideal for empirical social studies and applied scientific projects, for example. In the audio and video workshop with recording studio, bands and student projects have an equipped rehearsal room and the opportunity to record their own music professionally. In the music and movement workshop, there is not only enough space to make music together, but also to engage in dance and theatre.

The mobile games laboratory expands the faculty's possibilities and turns every seminar room into a media education workshop.

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Die Beurteilung gut, mittel, schlecht werden mit grünen, gelben, roten Smily mit entsprechendem Gesicht dargestellt

Feedback box

Students have the opportunity to send complaints, criticism, problems, but also praise directly to the Women's Representative and the Diversity Representative via a contact form. The feedback box supplements the "Suggestions for improvement for the Social Work and Diversity degree programme" mailbox.

The digital feedback box is a complaints office for students of the Faculty of Social Work.

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ein rotes und ein grünes Ampelmännchen sind zu sehen

Protection concept

Teachers, researchers, students and administrative staff at the Faculty of Social Work have developed a protection concept over a period of two years.

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Das Wort Beirat steht unter einer Zeichnung mit einer hellen Glühbirne die auf 4 ausgeschaltete Birnen zuschaukelt

Advisory boards

The advisory board for the Bachelor's degree programme in Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare was founded on 15 March 2024. The advisory board is made up of people who represent all levels and stakeholder groups in and for the field of work: Care leavers, student representatives, managers from institutions, responsible authorities at local and state level, academia, professional associations and teaching staff, etc. The advisory board is tasked with supporting the further development of the degree programme.

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SoziaLAktuell - Information from the Faculty of Social Work

Our faculty magazine "SoziaLAktuell - Information from the Faculty of Social Work" is published once a semester, in which we report on the past semester in retrospect.

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