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International activities

International activities

Study trip to Israel, September 2023

Nineteen students from the Bachelor's degree programme "Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare" visited social institutions and initiatives as part of a one-week study trip to Israel.

Study trip to Indonesia, February 2020

From 15 February to 1 March 2020, 12 students from the Bachelor's degree programmes in Social Work and Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare, accompanied by Prof. Dr Sigrid A. Bathke and Prof. Dr Mechthild Wolff, went on an excursion to Indonesia. The aim was to gain an insight into local social work as well as the social and cultural framework conditions.

Study trip to Israel, October 2019

A group of ten social work students went on a study trip to Israel from 26 October 2019 to 3 November 2019. The group mainly visited the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, with visits to Massada and the Dead Sea.

Study trip to Indonesia, March 2019

The study trip to Indonesia from 1-15 March 2019 offered insights into social work in Indonesia as well as the social and cultural conditions there.

Study trip to Venice for the Biennale, May 2019

As part of a research workshop, 33 students from semester 6 travelled to Venice for the 2019
Art Biennale.

Study trip to Spartenburg/USA, September 2018

Excursion to the partner university in Spartanburg/USA
Focus on child protection and criminal justice

Study trip to Scotland, February 2018

From 17-22 February 2018, 15 students travelled to Edingburgh (UK) with Prof. Dr Mechthild Wolff and visited many social institutions and the University of Stirling

Study trip to Ljublijana, Slovenia, summer semester 2017

An informative and exciting study trip that gave the students the chance to get to know Slovenian social work and discover Ljubljana as a "student paradise".

Study trip to Cape Town, South Africa, January 2017

Eighteen 5th and 7th semester students spent a week getting to know life in Cape Town. Together with Prof Dr Mechthild Wolff, they gained an overview of child and youth welfare facilities.

Study trip to Scotland, January 2017

For 12 students, accompanied by Prof Dr Mechthild Wolff, it was a wet and cold, but nevertheless exciting trip to a nearby country, which is nevertheless set up very differently in social work than we know it. Two visits and discussions with professionals in social organisations in and around Edinburgh were on the agenda each day.

Study trip to Israel, February 2014

Study trip to Israel in February 2014 for the third group of students on the Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare degree programme. The student group visited various organisations, foundations and projects in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and the surrounding area that work with children, young people and their families in Israel. The students have summarised some of their impressions in this short report.

Study trip to Istanbul, May 2014

Initiated by Prof. Dr Mihri Özdoğan, Prof. Dr Christoph Fedke, Prof. Dr Stefan
Borrmann and Prof. Dr Babara Thiessen, the event offered insights into social institutions