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Practical Semester

in the Bachelor's degree programmes at the Faculty of Social Work

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The practical semester is an integral part of every Bachelor's degree programme at the Faculty of Social Work and lasts at least 22 weeks (full-time).
Depending on the respective Bachelor's degree programme, students gain their own experience in a field of social work or child and youth welfare during the practical semester and apply the theory they have learned during their studies in practice under supervision. These learning experiences are reflected upon in greater depth in accompanying courses at the university.

Successful completion of the practical semester is not only a prerequisite for completing the Bachelor's degree programme, but also for obtaining state recognition as a social pedagogue.

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Faculty-specific requirements for the internship semester

In order to be able to start the internship semester, a certain minimum number of ECTS points must be achieved, depending on the degree programme, according to the applicable study and examination regulations. If the minimum number is not reached at the start of the internship, the internship semester must be completed at a later point in the degree programme.

Bachelor of Social Work102 ECTS
Bachelor of Social Work Dual with in-depth practice102 ECTS
Bachelor of Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare77 ECTS
Bachelor of Social Work in Child and Youth Welfare Dual with in-depth practice77 ECTS

Certain quality criteria must be met for an internship in a social institution to be approved. These relate to the internship location, the supervision during the internship semester and the supervision process.
The Internship Department advises and supports students in their search for a suitable internship location as well as institutions and organisations in implementing the quality criteria.

The internship contract of the Faculty of Social Work must be completed in full, signed and submitted in triplicate (in the original) to the Practice Department for review of the quality criteria and approval of the internship semester by the following dates at the latest:

Practical semester in the summer semesterSubmission by 15 December at the latest
Practical semester in the winter semesterSubmission by 15 June at the latest

It is not possible to start an internship without an approved internship contract.

In order to be able to guarantee the connection to the accompanying courses during the internship semester, the start of the internship must be set within the following periods

Internship semester in the summer semesterStart of internship between 01.03. - 15.03.
Internship semester in the winter semesterStart of internship between 15.09. - 01.10.

Support during the internship semester

Within the first four weeks, the supervisors and students must jointly draw up an individual training plan and submit it to the university (small group leader). The specific tasks, learning content and learning objectives during the work placement are specified in this plan. The training plan is therefore the basis for the content and methodological organisation of the practical semester.

Intensive supervision during the internship is provided on the one hand by the supervisor at the internship location (guidance through everyday working life, reflection during regular supervision meetings) and on the other hand by the university. During the internship, students must attend two seminars at the university to accompany the internship: small group accompanying the internship (2 SWS) and seminar accompanying the internship (2 SWS). The time spent at the university is included in the weekly working hours.

Completion of the internship semester

At the end of the internship, the internship office will prepare an assessment of the practical semester.
The faculty's own certification form and the qualified assessment from the internship office (copy) must be submitted to the Internship Office.

Submission of internship documents from the winter semesterby 31 March at the latest
Submission of internship documents from the summer semesterby 15 October at the latest

The following certificates must be submitted at the end of the internship semester for a successful semester:

  • Certificate and assessment from the internship centre regarding the successful completion of the internship (to be submitted in person to the internship department by the student!)
  • Certificate of successful participation in the small group accompanying the internship
  • Certificate of successful participation in the seminar accompanying the internship
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Information for students

The practical semester offers the opportunity to become part of a social work team for at least 22 weeks and to gain your own practical experience.

Information for students
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Information for practice centres

The practical semester is only possible with suitable social institutions and committed practical supervisors. The Practice Department is happy to support you in preparing and carrying out a practical semester in social work.

Information for practice centres and instructions