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About the faculty

The faculty is the basic organisational unit of the university. It fulfils the tasks of the university for its area and ensures the range of courses required to comply with the examination and study regulations. As the home of the degree programmes, it forms the organisational framework for their students and researchers.

Ein Dozierender erklärt drei Studierenden die Antriebsmechanik eines Mähdreschers

About us

The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering introduces itself. Here you can find out more about our goals, values and the structure of the faculty, including responsibilities and contact information.

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The laboratories are of outstanding value to the faculty and form the foundation for a practice-orientated course of study. The Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering currently has 15 laboratories, which will be supplemented by two further laboratories for construction technology in the foreseeable future.

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Award winners

The outstanding achievements and successes of the Faculty's prizewinners are testament to their remarkable contributions and outstanding commitment.

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