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From the initial project idea to the start of the project - the Research Unit supports professors with their research projects

The Research Department at Landshut University of Applied Sciences provides professors with advice and support for their research projects and thus also promotes the onboarding process for newly appointed colleagues

Assistance for researchers: The Research Department at Landshut University of Applied Sciences supports researchers and cooperating organizations in all phases of the application process for research projects. "We are the central point of contact for research issues at the university and are in close contact with the administrative departments," says Dr. Hedwig Maurer (Research Officer).

Whether it's researching suitable funding programs, advice on acquiring third-party funding or administrative support when submitting applications - the research funding team supports scientists in implementing their research projects and also offers comprehensive advice for inventors on patents or licenses.

Junior professors benefit from advisory services

Junior professorships, which Landshut University of Applied Sciences recently began funding as part of the "LA-Proof" project, also benefit from the work of the research department. Because "the advisory focus is primarily on newly appointed professors. Ms. Maurer and I are happy to support them in applying for research projects and introducing them to research-relevant processes at the university," says Thomas Schermann (Research Officer). "Especially at the beginning of a career, it is difficult to get into the funding system and sometimes there is a lack of networks with other research institutions," confirms Prof. Dr. Holger Timinger (Vice President for Research and Transfer).

Onboarding process at Landshut University of Applied Sciences is being optimized

In order to facilitate orientation in the new role as a professor, Landshut University of Applied Sciences is working on optimizing the onboarding process. This is because academics often cover a wide range of teaching and academic tasks. They teach courses, work on selected research tasks from their area of appointment and publish research findings.

Magdalena Bauer, who is working on the onboarding process for professors as part of the "LA-Proof" project, goes into more detail: "The aim is to provide new academics with information from various areas in order to promote successful onboarding at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. In addition to general information on the organization of the university, this also includes the research infrastructure.

There are many different options for research funding and there are a number of aspects to consider on the way to a successful application. "If you have specific questions about your own research project, the staff at the Research Unit can help you with valuable tips and tricks," explains Timinger.

Perhaps you have an idea for a research project or have invented something? Then get in touch with the research advisors! You can get a first impression of the research department and the research infrastructure on the Landshut University of Applied Sciences YouTube channel.

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences / Florian Karow
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