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Saving space means sustainable management!

Publication of TZ PULS on the topic of sustainable corporate management using the key figure of space productivity, which has hardly been used in the manufacturing industry to date

Every 20 minutes, an area the size of a football pitch is sealed in Germany. Every year, this adds up to around 200 million m² of previously natural landscape that is newly designated as settlement and transport areas. But this is not the only reason why companies need to increase their land productivity. As Prof Dr Markus Schneider's team has now demonstrated, saving space has positive effects in all three dimensions of sustainability. Precisely because sustainability has become an integral part of everyday life in the vast majority of companies, there is enormous potential for greater sustainability through behavioural control in companies in combination with the memorable, easy-to-understand and efficient new key figure "space productivity". This approach is currently being clearly implemented in the TZ PULS model factory. In addition, an information event with a workshop and factory tour on the topic is planned for the fourth quarter.

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