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A key to the future: machine learning

New professor at Landshut University of Applied Sciences teaches and researches in the field of machine learning.

"I would like to expand technology transfer in the field of AI at Landshut University of Applied Sciences, because the university and the Landshut region offer a good basis for this," reports Prof. Dr. Christian Osendorfer. Since the winter semester 2023/24, he has been working as a professor on the "Artificial Intelligence" course for the "Computer Science" faculty. He sees machine learning - in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) - as playing a central role in progress. The father of two is looking forward to the lectures and wants to shape the students for the future.

Prof. Osendorfer speaks out in favor of AI in the corporate context

Osendorfer sees machine learning as the linchpin here, as it is very multifaceted: it merges different specialist areas, combines theory and practice and has many application options. In Osendorfer's opinion, it is "one of the central tools that every company will need in the future". University President Prof. Dr. Pörnbacher would like to take the idea further: "It is exciting to think about how intelligent and learning software can be used effectively in companies". In his role as professor, Dr. Osendorfer will focus on promoting technology transfer in the field of machine learning for small and medium-sized companies in the region, among other things.

Osendorfer's career: from Dorfen in Upper Bavaria to the United States

Prof. Osendorfer completed his Abitur at the Upper Bavarian grammar school in Dorfen and then did his civilian service at the Lebensgemeinschaft Höhenberg e.V. He then began studying computer science at the Technical University of Munich. During his doctorate under Jürgen Schmidhuber and Patrick van der Smagt, he worked on neural networks (deep learning). These learning methods are modeled on the human brain and are used in machine learning. Almost all of the advances made in recent years in the field of artificial intelligence stem from deep learning.
During this time, Prof. Osendorfer built up expertise in teaching and began to translate academic advances in machine learning into real-world applications. He then deepened these in professional practice at various stations in Europe and the USA, and with this wealth of experience under his belt, he wants to train students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences to become experts in the field of artificial intelligence. Prof. Dr. Pörnbacher is delighted to welcome Prof. Osendorfer as a valuable addition to the university's AI team.

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences
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