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Digital Technologies and their Application

Ein Doktorhut liegt auf Büchern. Im Hintergrund ist die Hochschule Landshut zu sehen.

Basic information

The focus of DigiTech is on research questions in the context of digital technologies and their application in society, economy and environment. Examples of key areas are big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and cyber security applied to major challenges such as the energy transition, mobility, modern working methods and processes or Industry 4.0.

Part of the doctoral procedure at DigiTech is the structured doctoral programme, which supports you in your further development towards independent scientific work. In addition to written reports and a presentation after three years, you will take part in scientific qualification courses and be involved in teaching. You will find all important information in the doctoral regulation and the respective guidelines.

Doctoral regulation DigiTech

General procedure

  1. Preliminary topic proposal with research objectives and research idea
  2. Search for a supervisor at Landshut University of Applied Sciences (must be a member of DigiTech)
  3. Finalize research topic
  4. Preparation of a written exposé together with the supervisor
  5. Submission of application for acceptance as doctoral candidate at the THD doctoral school
  6. Decision of the doctoral committee on acceptance
  7. If the decision is positive, get placed on the doctoral list
  8. Enrolment via university certificate WilMa possible

Ongoing doctorates

Professors Faculty of Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Maren Martens

Mitglied Promotionszentrum DigiTech, Stv. Vertreterin Promotionsausschuss DigiTech

Eine Person steht vor einer Glaswand und lächelt.

Professors Faculty of Electrical and Industrial Engineering

Prof. Dr. Christian Faber

Mitglied Promotionszentrum DigiTech, Vertreter Steuerungskreis DigiTech

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Meissner

Mitglied im Promotionsausschuss des Promotionszentrums DigiTech, Mitglied Promotionszentrum DigiTech

Eine Person lächelt.

Professors Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering