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Accredited degree program

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant (PA) is a new medical assistant profession in Germany. Due to their well-founded university education, PAs can take on medical tasks within the framework of the delegation principle.

You can find more information on the job description of PAs on the website of the German Medical Association.

Start Winter semester
Admission Criteria Restricted admission
Application period 02.05.2024 - 15.07.2024
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration8 Semester
Accredited degree program

    Programme content

    The Physician Assistant degree programme (B.Sc.) is divided into four subject areas with different subjects:

    • Medical basics (including anatomy and physiology, internal medicine and surgery)
    • Process and quality management (including health economics and hospital management, public health)
    • System and methodological expertise (e.g. medical technology, project management)
    • Medical practice (including practical assignments on various wards)

    Specialisation subjects can be chosen in the final semester. Teaching at Landshut University of Applied Sciences is supplemented by practical placements in clinics and doctors' surgeries.

    Study programme

    The degree programme is divided into a foundation course with a practical module, followed by a practical semester and a specialisation semester.

    • The basic study programme comprises six semesters and includes the subject blocks Medical Basics, Process and Quality Management and System and Methodological Expertise. Semesters 1 to 6 are each completed by a practical module.
    • The seventh semester is a practical semester of 20 weeks.
    • In the 8th semester , students choose 3 compulsory elective modules, which are designed as practical modules. These modules serve to deepen the fundamentals and the students' own specialisation.
    • To date, the PA degree programme has been designed as a full-time course. A dual or part-time degree programme is currently not possible.


    In der Übersicht sowie im Modulhandbuch finden Sie einen Überblick über die jeweiligen Module pro Semester.


    There are various internships on the "Physician Assistant/Arthletic Assistant (B.Sc.)" degree programme:

    Practical placements

    Each of the first six semesters concludes with a three-week practical placement. The aim of these placements is to consolidate the knowledge and practical skills acquired during the semester in practice. The practical assignments are divided into different areas of specialisation (Ward I + II, General Medicine, Emergency Department, Endoscopy and Functional Diagnostics, Operating Theatre). This allows students to see as wide a range of different clinical areas as possible and familiarise themselves with various potential fields of activity for a Physician Assistant. Practical placements can generally be completed in all clinics and practices. We work closely with a number of co-operation partners who provide us with several places each semester.

    Practical phase

    The practical phase corresponds to a classic practical semester. The practical phase can be completed in various clinics and medical practices. In the practical phase (7th semester), the professional competences and skills acquired in the previous semesters should be further deepened. The focus here is on the outpatient and inpatient care of patients, knowledge of processes and organisational structures in hospitals and practices and knowledge of standards, guidelines and treatment paths.

    Co-operation partner

    Landhut University of Applied Sciences has written cooperation agreements with the following partners that define the type, scope and mutual services of the existing cooperation:

    • LAKUMED Landshut
    • Landshut Hospital
    • DONAUISAR Hospital Deggendorf/Dingolfing/Landau
    • St. Marien Landshut Children's Hospital

    There is a very good network in the Lower and Upper Bavaria region. Students are gladly supported by the programme's practical placement officer in finding other hospitals as partners for their practical placements.

    A lecturer examines a patient's knee.


    The CIMT "Centre of interdisciplinary medical and midwifery teaching and training" is available for PA students. Here, students can practise individual skills as well as routine and emergency scenarios on simulators, models and equipment in a realistic environment and face future professional challenges in this environment.

    Centre of interdisciplinary medical and midwifery teaching and training

    Prof. Dr. med. Aida Anetsberger

    Contact person for students who are already enrolled