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Zwei Personen beschäftigen sich mit Modellen von Windrädern

Sustainable Industrial Operations and Business

The interdisciplinary English-language Bachelor's degree programme combines technical, business and international knowledge, skills and competences against the background of sustainability.

Start Winter semester
Admission CriteriaZulassungsfrei
Application period 15.04.2024 - 15.07.2024
Study format Full time, with in-depth practical experience, Joint degree programme
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration7 Semester

Student Guide

To give you the best possible start to your studies, we have summarised all the important information about your studies at Dingolfing, the campus and services in our Student Guide.

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Enclosed you will find important documents for your degree programme. The Study and Examination Plan (SPP) provides a detailed timetable for the course of your studies, including the sequence of modules and examinations to be completed. A module handbook (MHH) is a document that contains detailed information on the content, objectives, examination achievements and other relevant aspects of a particular study module. The Study Examination Regulations (SPO) define the formal framework conditions of a degree programme, such as the required modules, examination formats and dates as well as the standard period of study. These documents are crucial to ensure a structured and transparent course of study and to ensure that students acquire the required qualifications.

Prof. Dr. Martin Prasch

Academic advisor