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Accredited degree program

International Business Administration

The Master's degree programme focuses on business management in a global, dynamic and digital environment. Dynamic and global economic and business developments require not only sound business expertise but also management skills. Students are expected to spend one to two semesters abroad during their studies. It is possible to obtain a double degree by transferring to one of the partner universities. Lectures and examinations are held in English. The Master's thesis is also expected to be written in English.

Start Sommer semester
Admission CriteriaZulassungsbeschränkt
Application period 15.11.2024 - 28.02.2025
Study format Full time
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration3 Semester
Accredited degree program
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Application process

Applications for a Master's degree programme at Landshut University of Applied Sciences are made via the Primuss application portal. After registering, you enter the required data, select the desired degree programme, upload documents and complete the application. The following documents are usually required: CV, school leaving certificate and Bachelor's degree certificate. If the Bachelor's degree programme has not yet been completed at the time of application, proof of 180 ECTS points and confirmation of registration of the Bachelor's thesis is often sufficient.

Here you will find detailed information on the application process.

Admission requirements

The admission requirements vary from Master's degree programme to Master's degree programme. As a rule, a "good" degree in a relevant previous degree programme, i.e. corresponding to the Master's degree programme, is required. A "good" overall examination result is defined as an average of at least 2.5. The detailed admission requirements can be found in the respective study and examination regulations.

To the study and examination regulations

Application deadline

Most Master's degree programmes can be started in both the winter and summer semesters.

The basic application deadlines are

Summer semester: 15 November to 15 January
Winter semester
: end of April to 15 July.

Deviations and the programme-specific application deadlines can be found in the overview/checklist.

To the overview/checklist