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Accredited degree program

Midwife primary qualification (dual)

The "Midwifery primary qualification" degree programme, which has been offered since the winter semester 2023/24, is a dual full-time course. In each semester, a coherent theoretical block takes place at Landshut University of Applied Sciences and a practical block at one of our cooperating practice facilities. You will receive a training contract and a corresponding training allowance from the practice partner. You have a study place at Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

Start Winter semester
Admission Criteria Restricted admission
Application period 15.04.2024 - 15.07.2024
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration7 Semester
Accredited degree program
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Prospects after graduation

What does a successfully completed degree programme enable you to do?

A degree programme provides access to lifelong learning and interdisciplinary exchange, opens up research opportunities and in-depth practice based on the latest scientific findings. Specialist and interdisciplinary skills are specifically promoted. On the "Primary Qualification in Midwifery" degree programme, you will acquire up-to-date knowledge in core areas of midwifery work and can contribute to improving the quality of obstetric care.

By acquiring scientific skills, you can contribute to strengthening midwifery science in Germany. You will deepen your skills in the areas of communication, counselling, adult education as well as in quality assurance and management areas. The degree is internationally recognised and corresponds to the qualification level specified by the EU.

    As part of the programme, you will acquire the skills to:

    • plan, manage and organise highly complex care processes on the basis of science-based and science-oriented decisions,
    • be able to access research areas of midwifery science at the latest state of the art and transfer them to their professional activities,
    • be able to critically and analytically analyse both theoretical and practical knowledge and develop and implement science-based innovative solutions to improve their own professional field of action and
    • contribute to the development of quality management concepts, risk management concepts, guidelines and expert standards.

    Career prospects

    Midwives work in primary healthcare. They can be permanently employed in delivery rooms/postnatal wards of clinics, midwife practices, social organisations or in the public sector. Freelance midwives care for women as attending midwives, in birth centres, at home births, in outpatient aftercare or offer various courses.

    There has been a shortage of midwives in Germany for years, so career prospects are correspondingly good. The Bachelor's degree programme also opens up the possibility of an academic career, e.g. in the form of a subsequent Master's degree, and options for working at German universities.

    Areas of responsibility

    • Comprehensive counselling and care for pregnant women, women giving birth and women who have recently given birth
    • Independent management of normal births
    • Care of newborns/infants up to the end of the first year of life
    • Referral to specialists (e.g. doctors, physiotherapists) and counselling centres
    • Additional services provided by statutory health insurance physicians such as fertility counselling, pregnancy gymnastics, on-call service, birth preparation, postnatal recovery, etc.

    Possible Master's degree programmes

    Landshut University of Applied Sciences does not currently offer a Master's degree programme for midwives. This is currently still being planned.

    Prof. Dr. Judith Kluck

    Contact person for students who are already enrolled