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Accredited degree program

Midwife further qualification

The Midwifery further qualification degree programme is a further qualification degree programme for midwives who have already qualified as midwives.

By completing the programme, midwives can also obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.
The existing professional qualification as a midwife is recognised.

Start Winter semester
Admission Criteria Unrestricted admission
Application period 15.04.2024 - 15.07.2024
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration7 Semester (Durch Anrechnung der Ausbildung ist es möglich, auf 5 Semester zu verkürzen.)
Accredited degree program
Logo acquin Akkredditierter Studiengang

    Programme content

    Programme content

    At present, the curriculum of the Midwifery degree programme consists of the following core areas

    • Midwifery science
    • Midwifery expertise
    • General studies
    • Interdisciplinary references
    • Practice phase

    Practical guidance is thematised across all modules.

    Study programme

    The degree programme is offered as a full-time course with a standard period of study of seven semesters. A total of 210 ECTS points are awarded for successful completion of the programme. If you have completed midwifery training, around half of the workload (100 ECTS points) will be credited towards the degree programme. This reduces the standard duration of the programme to 5 semesters. In addition, it is possible to have practical experience gained outside the university recognised in the form of a further 20 ECTS credits for corresponding courses, which could shorten the course to 4 semesters. This will be checked on a case-by-case basis. A workload of 20 ECTS is planned per semester instead of the usual 30 ECTS (exception: practical semester with 30 ECTS). It is therefore generally possible to work during the degree programme. On-site courses generally take place fortnightly in even weeks, with Monday to Friday being possible.

      Exceptions to this rhythm are

      • one to two additional block weeks per semester (Monday to Friday), depending on planning requirements
      • the Studium Generale courses (compulsory cross-university modules, which usually take place on a weekly basis) and
      • University-wide events at the start of the degree programme at the beginning of October

      Self-study time and literature:

      This time is supplemented by a high proportion of self-study time.
      The courses are held in German. Most of the literature consulted is in English. One English and probably one sign language course are planned in the course of the programme.


      In der Übersicht sowie im Modulhandbuch finden Sie einen Überblick über die jeweiligen Module pro Semester.


      Practical phase

      The practical phase is the creditable practical exercise of original midwifery work in the (non-)clinical area with pregnant women, women in labour, women who have recently given birth and their families amounting to 600 hours including 16 hours of observation for the practical guidance of midwives. It can be completed as a continuous practical semester (5th semester), continuously parallel to the degree programme or in blocks during the degree programme. There are practice-related courses totalling 3 SWS

      Evidence for the practical phase:

      For the Bachelor's degree programme "Midwifery further qualification (B.Sc.)", you can download the following documents to document the practical assignments during the practical study semester (module 510).

      Prof. Anne Wiedermann

      Contact person for students who are already enrolled