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Strategic Guidelines

The strategy was formulated in the form of guiding principles in an intensive internal process.

Gruppen von Studierenden stehen draußen und Unterhalten sich

Strategic guidelines

In the interplay of research, transfer and founding in relevant technical, economic and social areas, we provide impetus for sustainable developments and link these closely and systematically with teaching.

We are shaping our campus and our locations into an attractive place of encounter, exchange and culture. We are a role model for community-based university life.

We work flexibly and offer modular programmes to enable all our students to successfully complete their studies in a way that is tailored to their needs.

We see the university as an attractive meeting place where education and research can take place in person and virtually. We are facing up to the challenges of the digital world and artificial intelligence and are shaping our role in the digital transformation as part of our digitalisation strategy.

We actively fulfil our role model function as a socially relevant university, especially for our students and alumni. Sustainability in the dimensions of ecology, economy and society characterises our actions. As a social challenge, but also for the continuous sustainable development of our university.

We are globally networked in order to be attractive to international students, teaching staff and researchers. In science, teaching and administration, we focus on the needs of national and international students.

We empower and inspire our students to help shape society and have an inspiring impact in the region and beyond. We are the university of short distances to start-ups.

We ensure that all members of the university are able to contribute their personal resources and skills and develop personally through further education and training. We are committed to valuing and accepting personal diversity. We recognise social diversity at the university.

We actively contribute to the success of the administration and continue to develop the university as an attractive employer. Our understanding of administration is characterised by the idea of supporting people on their academic journey with a reliable and modern administrative infrastructure.