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Short Term Mobility

Fancy going abroad but only have a little time? The solution is a short-term stay!

Even a short-term stay must be planned in good time and thoroughly prepared. You should therefore contact the International Office in good time to find out about opportunities to take part in a summer/winter school or international excursion.

The advantages are

  • Getting to know a foreign country & a different culture
  • Short duration of stay (max. 6 weeks), ideal if a longer stay abroad is not possible
  • Usually possible during the lecture-free period
  • Often a combination of language and specialised courses
  • Small groups - high learning effect
  • Possibility of recognition (ECTS) at the German university
    (please contact the examination board of your faculty in advance)
  • Deepening your own field of study / insights into other subject areas
  • Intercultural exchange of experience through a group of international students

Short-term stays for students

In addition to a semester abroad at one of our partner universities or an internship abroad, students also have the opportunity to attend a summer or winter school at a European or non-European university for a shorter period of time or to take part in an international excursion or a so-called blended intensive programme under the guidance of a professor.