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A week of German-American university partnership

Visit by USC Upstate delegation strengthens long-standing partnership with Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Upstate University of South Carolina Upstate (USA), led by Chancellor Dr. Bennie Harris, paid a significant visit to Landshut University of Applied Sciences in the fourth week of January. The aim of this trip was to maintain and further expand the partnership that has existed since 2012, as well as the intensive exchange of ideas and specialist knowledge. More specifically, they discussed how to jointly expand teaching content and cooperation with external partners, mainly from industry, as well as exchange programs for students, researchers and lecturers.

The high-caliber delegation from USC Upstate consisted of its Chancellor, Dr. Bennie Harris, Dr. Deshia Breaux, Director of Graduate Studies and representative of the College of Science, Dr. Jeffrey Stinson, Dean of the College of Business, and Dr. Alexander Lorenz, who grew up in Germany and is Director of Global Engagement at Upstate University.

A success story of cooperation

The long-standing partnership between Upstate University and Landshut University of Applied Sciences in the fields of computer science, electrical engineering and business administration is characterized by a continuous exchange of ideas and expertise between students, lecturers and staff. "This cooperation gives both universities the opportunity to assert themselves in a highly competitive global environment," emphasizes Chancellor Dr. Harris. University President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher also shares this view: "Upstate University is a very interesting partner in many respects. Not least because of the opportunities for our students to spend a semester abroad in the USA".

What the two universities have in common

What connects the two educational institutions is much more than sharing common values. It is worth taking a second look. The similar environments of both universities, their comparable sizes in terms of student numbers and structures and their partnerships with globally active companies also create a common cross-reference. This results in the vision of intensifying and strengthening cooperation in the fields of business, computer science, engineering and sustainable development, which are equally at home in both educational institutions, in order to maintain a high level of quality for students and align them with the needs of the global economy.

„The practice-oriented concept of Landshut University of Applied Sciences is very inspiring“

The American delegation made intensive use of the visit to "explore the many opportunities that are equally available in both of our regions", as Dr. Alexander Lorenz put it in a nutshell. The visit to several German companies that are also active in South Carolina offered the guests the opportunity to further expand or build on their relationships. Ultimately, the aim is to enable students from both universities to join these companies.

During the visit, Upstate Chancellor Dr. Bennie Harris made a strong case for the benefits of the joint partnership with Landshut: "We have around 115 German companies around USC Upstate. That's why the exchange with our Landshut colleagues is very important to us. The practice-oriented concept of Landshut University is very inspiring and I can only recommend students to go on an exchange here! In general, gaining intercultural experience and the challenge of learning foreign languages is very important for our globalized world.

Cultural program and industry visits: how the week was organized

Thanks to the International Office of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, the guests not only experienced a cultural program, but also took part in important visits to industrial partners of Landshut University of Applied Sciences. Guided tours of the BMW, Dräxlmaier and SAR factory sites offered impressive insights and also served as a platform for a lively exchange of expertise. The visitors from South Carolina also met numerous representatives of Landshut University of Applied Sciences over the course of the week - in particular the Vice President of Research and Transfer, Prof. Dr. Holger Timinger, the Deans of the Faculties of Electrical Engineering/Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration as well as the international representatives. The guests were particularly impressed by the visit to Landshut University's international campus at TZ PULS in Dingolfing, which is currently under construction, and by the explanations given by SIOB course director Prof. Dr. Martin Prasch and TZ PULS director Prof. Dr. Markus Schneider.

Long-standing international partnerships for the university and the region

"Our goal is to expand the good, long-standing partnerships multilaterally and thus make the best possible use of them for the university and the region," said Maria Mehlhaff, Head of the International Office at Landshut University of Applied Sciences, summarizing the goals that have always been pursued.

The intensive discussions, cultural experiences and professional exchanges during this special week not only strengthened the existing partnership, but also laid the foundation for further successful cooperation between University of South Carolina Upstate and Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The program "left nothing to be desired," said the Director of Global Engagement, Dr. Alexander Lorenz. "We were given a comprehensive overview of the university and its numerous fields of expertise as well as the environment of Landshut University of Applied Sciences," agreed Chancellor Dr. Bennie Harris.

Photos: Landshut University of Applied Sciences
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