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Microsoft 365

By joining the Microsoft federal contract, the participating Bavarian universities are authorised to provide their students and employees with Microsoft 365 software and services free of charge for the duration of the contract.

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Information for employees

For employees of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019 is installed by default when a PC or notebook is delivered by Service IT and therefore no registration for Microsoft 365 is necessary. If you use more than one work device, you will need Microsoft 365 for each additional work device and will not be able to use Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019.

You do not need to register for Microsoft 365 to participate in Microsoft Teams, as you can take part in any Microsoft Teams invitation as a guest. However, if you want to create your own events and appointments for Microsoft Teams, you will need Microsoft 365 and should complete the registration below.

Extract from the Microsoft 365 product scope

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, etc.

The software and services are to be used exclusively for study-related or official purposes and for student or official projects in compliance with the statutory retention periods and archive law.

Important official data may not be stored in public or external cloud storage! This data must be backed up on the university's internal servers.

In order to use the software and services, you must agree to the General Usage Guidelines for Microsoft 365 Software and Services at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. You can revoke your consent using the cancellation form at the bottom of this page. In addition, an individual Microsoft account of the university is required.

Rules for your Microsoft account

  • For each user ID, the first name, surname, email address in the format (username(at) and the primary email address in the format (username(at) are synchronised with the Azure AD. The username consists of the format abc12345. Without the transfer of this data, registration cannot be carried out. Organisational data (e.g. affiliation to a department, faculty of enrolment) is not transferred.
  • After installing the Microsoft 365 applications on your device (business or private), details about your device are stored: computer name, status of the PC, operating system, version of the operating system, the fact that your PC is registered in Azure AD, owner of the device (your first name and surname), registration date (date and time) and last date of use (date and time).
  • On the day of the end of the contract or de-registration, the use of the account ends and it is prepared for deletion.
  • 30 days later, all data (content) will be permanently and irretrievably deleted. If the Microsoft contract is deleted, all accounts active at that time will be deleted for 90 days.
  • After a further 90 days (i.e. 120/180 days after cancellation), all metadata will also be permanently deleted.
  • You are responsible for backing up your data.
  • Copilot and other AI-supported applications must be used responsibly. If you use Copilot or optionally connected experiences, the data protection responsibility lies exclusively with you and Microsoft. The use takes place without the input of personal data of third parties and only of information that could be published.