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Public Relations

The Press and Public Relations department is one of Landshut University of Applied Sciences' central interfaces to society.

External enquiries are passed on to the relevant Landshut University of Applied Sciences contacts in teaching, science, founding and transfer.

University members are also helped to choose and use the right channels for successful, targeted communication with the public.

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University communication acts as an intermediary between external and internal university stakeholders. Regardless of whether you are a media professional, journalist, private company official or university professor and member of staff.

The Press and Public Relations Officer, Florian Karow, will be happy to put you in touch with the right contact or the right department if you are looking to write a media article or create another publicity-related format. Please contact the press office using the contact details below.

The task of press and public relations work at Landshut University of Applied Sciences includes mediating between university members and (project) partners on a media level. It contributes to the transparent and effective use of communication channels between different interest groups and to positively influencing the public perception of the co-operating institutions and partners. This is made possible by the collection and dissemination of information and its preparation in suitable media productions.

You can request photos or select photos from an existing standard portfolio via the Press and Public Relations Department: Click here to access the press photos of Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

When using and publishing the photo files provided, please note the obligation to indicate the author. Select the following wording for all photos provided by Landshut University of Applied Sciences: "Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences".

In-house production

Copywriting at Landshut University of Applied Sciences' Press and Public Relations Department is the process of writing various types of text formats intended for communication with the general public or specific target groups. These include press releases, (news) articles, blog posts, social media posts and other written formats.

In order to effectively communicate the messages and goals of Landshut University of Applied Sciences, it is essential to create text formats that are both precise and appealing. This also includes taking into account the relevant target group depending on the topic. This determines both the desired tonality and the style of communication. Text creation also involves careful checking and editing. In the process leading up to publication, feedback on the respective draft text is also obtained, evaluated and incorporated from all (project) partners involved before it is released to the public.

Hardly any publication can do without images. To ensure that the content produced by Landshut University of Applied Sciences is also visually appealing, University Communications supports the media preparation of relevant topics by taking photos.

Photos taken by University Communications are taken, for example, during courses, in the laboratories of the research department or at events sponsored by Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The Press and Public Relations Officer, Florian Karow, also offers university employees appointments for staff photos, which are taken in a standardised look with a university reference.

Social media platforms enable Landshut University of Applied Sciences to achieve a greater reach by making its messages accessible to a wider audience. This includes potential students, current students, alumni, officials from partner institutions, potential employees and the general public. By interacting directly with these university-relevant target groups via social media, the university receives feedback and can answer questions, stimulate discussion and foster a sense of community within the online community.

The Communications Department of Landshut University of Applied Sciences currently operates an official account on the following platforms:
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube.