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Next semester of "Internationals" welcomed at Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Last week the International Office welcomed some of the new students from Italy, Pakistan, Spain, Finland, China, Ukraine and France - a review by the International Office

It is an exciting time ahead for the recently arrived international students - called "Internationals": a whole semester in a new, foreign country as well as many impressions and new experiences await them.

The official start of the Welcome Day was heralded by University Vice President Prof. Dr. Marcus Jautze, who wished the colorful group a good start to their studies at Landshut University and a good time during their exchange semester: "I wish you many interesting encounters and impressions at our university and in general in the entire Landshut environment. Take advantage of the time and exchange ideas intensively within the group of 'Internationals' but also with our local 'Nationals'. Then I am sure that you will have extremely enriching experiences that you can draw on for a lifetime".

To ensure that the newcomers did not have to cope with the eventful day hungry, the Mensa provided a balanced Bavarian snack to introduce them to the local culinary culture. In addition to a lot of new input, the "internationals" were guided through the realms of the university campus and they were allowed to go in search of important textbooks in the library themselves in order to be best prepared on campus - according to the motto "learning by doing".

But what do our students expect from their time in Landshut and what are they looking forward to the most? Questions like these were not left unanswered, of course, and all those involved were almost unanimous in saying that - in addition to an educational and successful semester - making new friends and exchanging ideas with one another were the top priorities and that they were therefore looking forward to the excursions together the most.

Of course, the International Office didn't need to be told twice and took the students on an excursion to the old town of Landshut the very next day. There, the "internationals" were familiarized with the history of Landshut during a guided tour of the city and introduced to the Lower Bavarian art scene by visiting, among other things, the sculpture art of the König Museum.

In addition, they can look forward to upcoming excursions to our state capital Munich, Regensburg, Neuschwanstein as well as a campus tour in the new location Dingolfing.

As with their previous semesters, the new "Internationals" can look forward to a varied semester program and personal support from the International Office.
Photos: Landshut University

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