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New Addition to the Medical Campus Lower Bavaria (MCN): University of Landshut

The University of Landshut joins the Medical Campus Lower Bavaria (MCN) as a scientific partner—an historic achievement.

A significant milestone has been reached: the University of Landshut has become an additional scientific partner in the framework agreement of the Medical Campus Lower Bavaria (MCN). This success is the result of long-term, intensive efforts by the university leadership under the guidance of President Prof. Dr. Fritz Pörnbacher. The appointment of two medical professors in the "Physician Assistant" program, launched in the fall of 2021, made the ambitious goal of establishing the study of human medicine in Landshut politically justifiable.

The MCN is academically overseen by the University of Regensburg. The contact person for the Medical Campus Lower Bavaria at the University of Landshut is Prof. Dr. med. Aida Anetsberger from the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies. She has been actively involved in the inclusion in the framework agreement at a professional level and will report directly to the university president. The professor is excited about this development. "I would like to thank our scientific and clinical partners for their trusting collaboration. It is a project of the century that we have been included in," says Anetsberger.

Securing Healthcare through the University of Landshut

By joining the MCN, the interconnection between medical education, applied research, and clinical care will be even greater in the future. In addition to the "Physician Assistant" and midwifery (primary and continuing education) programs, medical students can also be integrated into interprofessional training at the University of Landshut in the future. The university will significantly contribute to ensuring healthcare and the academicization of health professions in the region and the entire Lower Bavaria district.

The Medical Campus Lower Bavaria is part of the High-Tech Agenda Bavaria of the Bavarian State Government and is scheduled to start in the winter semester of 2024/2025. In the final expansion, 600 new places for studying human medicine will be created in Lower Bavaria. In addition to scientific partners, all three Landshut clinics (Hospital Landshut-Achdorf, Clinic Landshut, and Children's Hospital St. Marien) are involved in the training of future physicians. They welcome the University of Landshut joining the MCN.

New Labs and Experts in the Field

The University of Landshut contributes with concepts for interprofessional care. The establishment of a medical simulation center, CIMT ("Center for Interdisciplinary Medical and Midwifery Teaching and Training"), is planned in a central area of the campus. It will be equipped with a simulation trauma room/operating room and a simulation delivery room, among other facilities. In this center, scenarios of childbirth can be simulated, and routine as well as emergency situations can be practiced in a protected environment at the highest level.

Additionally, the professors employed at the University of Landshut bring in a well-established expertise in medical didactics. This is complemented by extensive experience in patient care at university hospitals and their current activities in the field of research and teaching.

University President Prof. Pörnbacher is very pleased with this development and that the multifaceted, long-term efforts by the university leadership and its internal and external supporters have finally led to the desired success for the university and the region: "The formal inclusion in the framework agreement for the Medical Campus Lower Bavaria is a crucial building block in the strategic orientation of the University of Landshut, in which the field of health plays a central role. I sincerely thank the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art for their support, especially Minister Markus Blume, and the political backing from the city of Landshut, particularly Mayor Alexander Putz and 2nd Mayor Dr. Thomas Haslinger." Helmut Radlmeier, former member of the state parliament, and District Administrator Peter Dreier also worked intensively to support the University of Landshut.