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Landshut University of Applied Sciences visits partner universities on the US West Coast and Canada

A report by the Head of the International Office, Maria Mehlhaff, on a delegation trip during which existing partnerships with renowned universities were strengthened and new opportunities for cooperation were explored.

A delegation led by Maria Mehlhaff (Head of the International Office), Prof Dr Faber (Faculty of Electrical and Industrial Engineering) and Prof Dr Dieter Nazareth (Faculty of Computer Science) started their trip with a visit to Westcliff University in Irvine. Westcliff University attracts international students with an innovative course concept that offers both face-to-face and online courses. The main focus of the discussions on site was the exchange of teaching staff and the organisation of short-term stays for students from Landshut. In addition to the Los Angeles metropolitan region, Irvine has a high density of companies to offer. For example, it is possible to complete a so-called "Curricular Practical Training" as a compulsory internship or a one-year "Optional Practical Training" following a semester abroad.

The delegation then travelled on to San Diego. Since 2014, students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences have been able to spend time abroad at San Diego State University. This is not only attractive for all faculties at Landshut University of Applied Sciences because of its wide range of courses and its focus on practical laboratory work, but also because of its lively student life. A student who is spending a semester abroad in San Diego as part of her Bachelor's degree in New Media and Intercultural Communication was able to confirm this at a meeting on site.

The next stop on the trip was City University in Seattle. Here, too, the university's innovative concept and its proximity to high-calibre companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and Expedia were impressive. In addition to the option of a one-year MBA programme, which is open to students from all faculties in Landshut, internships can also be organised at renowned companies. The university also offers interesting certificates such as "Six Sigma" and signalled a high level of interest in deepening the existing cooperation in all areas during the discussions.

Last but not least, a visit to Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, Canada, was on the programme. The Canadian university has been associated with Landshut University of Applied Sciences since 2017 and offers a fantastic location on the largest island off the coast of Vancouver, an excellent campus and an extensive range of study programmes. Nature lovers among the students have the opportunity to ideally combine study and leisure time here. In addition to the numerous research facilities, the study programmes in the fields of new media, health, computer science and business administration are particularly noteworthy. As part of a second planned delegation trip, an expansion of student mobility to include double degree options is therefore to be negotiated.

Overall, the discussions held during the trip can be seen as an important step for Landshut University of Applied Sciences: to further strengthen its international relations with partner universities and to open up new avenues of cooperation for students and lecturers.

Are you currently studying and interested in studying abroad at one of our almost 80 partner universities? Please contact the International Office team and make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Photos: Maria Mehlhaff / International Office