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Further improvements for students in Landshut's public transport system

As of today, the online store of the LAVV (Landshuter Verkehrsverbund) has been activated for the purchase of a Deutschlandticket for a surcharge of €23 per month with validity from October 1, 2023 - the area of use of the semester ticket has also now been extended to the entire LAVV network area.

The semester ticket is now valid not only with the Landshut public utility company, but also in the entire area covered by the Landshut public transport association and entitles the holder to any number of journeys on all city and regional buses in the entire tariff area: both in the city and in the district of Landshut. Each student pays 36 euros per semester (the equivalent of 6 euros per month) as the public transportation portion of the student union fee.

In addition, it is now possible to subscribe to the Deutschlandticket as a Bavarian discount ticket for an additional 23 euros per month. A fully-fledged digital Deutschlandticket can be purchased on a smartphone via the LAVV online store. It entitles the holder to any number of trips on public transportation throughout Germany.

Compared to the normal Bavarian discount ticket for 29,- Euro per month, the discount ticket for students of the Landshut University of Applied Sciences includes the public transport part of the student union fee of 6,- Euro per month. This means that the discount ticket in Landshut only costs 23,- Euro per month.

The purchase is done as follows:

  1. You open the online store of the LAVV with the link.
  2. You will be asked to log in with your university login in order to legitimize yourself as a student of  Landshut University. This legitimation is only required once per semester. You will be redirected to the IDP login page of Landshut University.
  3. After successful identification as a student, you will automatically return to the LAVV online store. Here you complete your personal data and place your order to subscribe to the Deutschlandticket at the LAVV fare conditions.
  4. You will then receive a payment request by e-mail from our payment service provider "stripe". Please transfer the amount of 23 euros to the account number provided, indicating the specified reason for payment, so that stripe can allocate your payment.
  5. As soon as the amount of 23 Euro has been credited to stripe's account, the Deutschlandticket will be sent to you by e-mail. You will receive the Deutschlandticket with the mail in pdf format and as a wallet file for download.
  6. According to the valid tariff regulations you can cancel the Bavarian discount ticket until the end of the month in text form: By letter or mail to LAVV (ticketshop(at) The subscription will then end with the current month.
  7. If you do not cancel your subscription, you will receive a payment request from "stripe" around the 20th of the month for the following month.
  8. As soon as the amount of 23 Euro with the specified reason for payment has been received and booked on the given stripe - account, the Deutschlandticket will be sent to you immediately by mail. Please note that it may take a few days until the payment is received.
  9. The procedure in points 7 and 8 repeats itself monthly until the end of the semester for which you have legitimized yourself.

Important: No app download is required for the discount ticket for students at LAVV.

For the discount ticket for students, you must prove your eligibility digitally using the process outlined above. No form needs to be filled out or submitted.

In the app LAVV.mobil, the Deutschlandticket can be subscribed to at the regular price of 49,- Euro per month and certain tickets of the LAVV and other associations can be purchased. Discount tickets are not available in the app LAVV.mobil.

Click here to go to the LAVV ticket store for students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

Photo: Landshut University of Applied Sciences

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