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Accredited degree program

Lightweight construction and simulation

Ever shorter product cycles and therefore ever shorter development cycles, together with the constantly increasing complexity of systems, increasingly require the use of simulation. In addition, lightweight construction is becoming increasingly important, particularly with regard to energy efficiency.

Start Sommer & Winter semester
Admission CriteriaZulassungsbeschränkt
Application period 15.04.2024 - 15.08.2024
Study format Full time
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration3 Semester
Accredited degree program

Prospects after graduation

You will acquire the knowledge, skills and competences that will enable you to work as a specialist or manager for calculation, design and development, or for a doctorate. The qualifications you acquire will enable you to understand and design development and manufacturing processes in a complex environment and to develop innovative products and technologies using modern CAE methods and tools.

Prof.Dr.-Ing. Martin Foerg

Head of degree programme