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About the faculty

We offer our students a future-orientated engineering education in the fields of electrical engineering and business, such as electrical and information technology, biomedical engineering, energy, industrial engineering, production, logistics and sustainability. This is complemented by further Master's programmes in the areas of applied research and sustainability and transformation. Within our study programmes we focus on an interdisciplinary approach and an excellent quality of teaching as well as applied research.

Studierende arbeiten an einem modernen Elektromotor. Im Hintergrund stehen Windräder und eine PV-Anlage.
Studierende und Professoren der Fakultät stehen im Labor mit Projektbeispielen.

About us

Find out more about our goals, values and the structure of the faculty, including responsibilities and contact information.

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Eine Person mit Schutzbrille betrachtet Laserstrahlen.


Our more than 20 state-of-the-art laboratories form the basis of our practice-oriented degree programme. They faciliate that students deepen and consolidate their theoretical knowledge in laboratory practicals and projects. Our research activities are also largely realised in our laboratories.

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Studierende mit Handy und Laptop stehen vor Windrädern und PV-Anlage neben einem Elektroauto .


Sustainability is a strategic goal of our faculty and is therefore deeply anchored in our teaching and research meassures and activities. We focus on sustainable future topics such as intelligent electrical systems, renewable energies, electromobility, smart factories, virtual reality and agile project management and teach responsible business practices.

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Eine Gruppe steht in der Musterfabrik


Our faculty stands for practice-oriented course content and future-oriented degree programmes. To ensure this, we are highly networked and in constant dialogue with our partners from business, science and politics. We also maintain close cooperation with schools in order to inspire enthusiasm for technology at an early stage and thus counteract the shortage of skilled labour.

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Studierender empfängt Preis des VDE.

Award winners

The outstanding achievements and successes of the Faculty's prizewinners are testament to their remarkable contributions and commitment.

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