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Über einer Hand schwebend ist symbolisch der Forschungsprozess als Strukturskizze dargestellt.


Über einer Hand schwebend ist symbolisch der Forschungsprozess als Strukturskizze dargestellt.

Research is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. It is indispensable for securing our prosperity and coexistence and is of great importance, which is also reflected in the ideal of self-administration and the freedom of research enshrined in constitutional law.
For this reason, research topics at Landshut University of Applied Sciences are also defined according to the bottom-up principle. Many researchers have joined forces in interdisciplinary and cross-faculty research areas, which are an important element of the university's strategic orientation.

Our research in figures

Research areas at Landshut University of Applied Sciences

In our research areas, researchers are working on solutions for the challenges of the 21st century and co-operating with both regional and international partners. In this way, we contribute to international networking and to securing the prosperity of the region.

Data and Process Science

Electronics and system integration

Infinity and ecology icon on white jigsaw puzzle for circular economy and sustainability development together business and environment concept.


Lightweight construction

AI Heatmaps

Medical technology

Personen bei der Arbeit in der Musterfabrik

Production and logistics systems

Social change and cohesion research

Research map of the German Rectors' Conference

About us

Research at Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Researchers are supported by the provision of modern infrastructure and numerous support services. The Research Unit informs, advises and supports researchers and those interested in research in a variety of ways.

Insights into the world of research can be gained during studies, and it is also possible to enter the world of research later in life.

Scientific career opportunities

In order to support students interested in pursuing a doctorate, Landshut University of Applied Sciences offers research-oriented project modules in many Master's degree programmes. The cross-faculty and cross-university Master's degree programme Applied Research in Engineering Science plays a particularly important role here.

After completing a degree programme, students can gain or deepen their experience in the world of research by working on a research project. This can also be used to work towards a doctorate.

Since 2023, universities of applied sciences in Bavaria have also had the right to award doctorates, meaning that in addition to cooperative doctorates with a university, doctorates can also be awarded directly at the university's graduate centre.

For people with a particular interest in research and teaching, the junior professorship is also an opportunity to embark on or pursue an academic career.

Ein Doktorhut liegt auf Büchern. Im Hintergrund ist die Hochschule Landshut zu sehen.

Doctorates at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences

In addition to doctorates in cooperation with a university, since 2023 it has also been possible to do a doctorate directly at universities of applied sciences and technical universities in Bavaria.

Further information can be found at the Landshut Graduate Center.

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Research projects at Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Much of the research at Landshut University of Applied Sciences is carried out through publicly funded projects, which we are pleased to present.

Ongoing projects

Completed projects


The results of the research are publicised in scientific publications and conference papers, but also in specialist journals aimed at practitioners.


Research magazine Einfallsreich

Photo of the advisory board meeting on 15 May 2024: from left to right Katharina Spanner, Claudia Beckmann, Robert Huber, Hanno Froese, Prof. Dr Carsten Röh, Dr Marco Heck, Peter Thoma, Prof. Dr Fritz Pörnbacher, Konrad Sigl, Franz Steinbauer, Prof. Dr Sebastian Meißner, Thomas Layh, Herbert Stadlbauer and Prof. Dr Markus Schneider

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