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Information for cooperations and companies

Would you like to cooperate with us in the area of dual study programmes?
You can find all information on the framework conditions and the input mask for the cooperation agreement on this page.

How does a company become a cooperation partner?

Procedure for companies

  1. Clarification of the framework conditions in the company
  2. Contact Landshut University of Applied Sciences (use our application form below)
  3. Creation of the necessary training/internship places for the dual programme
  4. Ensuring comprehensive quality in the practical training
  5. Appointment of a mentor/contact person for the dual student in the company
  6. Drawing up a cooperation agreement with Landshut University of Applied Sciences

If you have any further questions, please contact the Central Student Counselling and Career Service.

The dual study programme offers companies many advantages

Do you value the intensive practical experience in your own company and the early development of specialists and managers?
More and more companies are deciding in favour of the dual study programme and are offering positions actively or on request.

  • You receive highly qualified, academically trained employees whose practical expertise is tailored to your company.
  • You save yourself time-consuming and costly induction periods or trainee programmes.
  • Dual study programme students use their academic knowledge effectively for your company while still studying. Those who complete a time-intensive dual study programme are performance-oriented, disciplined and determined - you also benefit from these qualities in your dual students.
  • The young people build a strong bond with your company right from the start. They develop close contacts with Landshut University of Applied Sciences and thus motivate technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Your company becomes more and more attractive to the best students and your corporate image improves.
  • Advertise dual positions free of charge in our university job exchange

Input mask/contact form


Sample training contracts can be found here

A co-operation agreement is also concluded between the company and Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

The following documents are for your information only - please do not complete them. Please provide us with all the data required for the co-operation agreement via the input mask. We will then draw up the co-operation agreement. Once it has been signed by our President, we will send you two copies and ask you to sign one copy and return it to us.

During the course of the dual study programme, the supplementary sheet for the practical part of the practical semester will be signed as part of the dual study programme. You will receive the necessary information from the dual study programme students in good time.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Central Student Counselling and Career Service team.

Further information

Information about dual study programmes and about Bavarian companies and organisations that offer dual study opportunities can be found on the website of theBavarian umbrella organisation "hochschule dual". Here you will find, among other thingsfrequently asked questionsand further information.