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Services overview

The Student Infopoint is the first point of contact for all students and prospective students.

We cover questions from the following departments:

Student Service Centre (SSZ)
Central Student Advisory Service and Career Service (ZBK)
International Office (IO)

Student Service Centre

From application to exmatriculation, we offer comprehensive information and support.

We issue student ID cards that give you access to university facilities and resources.

Further information on student ID cards

Once you have successfully completed your studies, you can collect your graduation documents from us.

The certificate of benefit (Form 05) according to § 48 BAföG is filled out here.

The prospect of receiving BAföG and thus financing your studies is greater than you often think.

Please seek advice from the Studentenwerk!

You can apply for BAföG online here.

Helpful links:

Documents can be deposited in the letterbox near room E0 08 at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. The letterbox is emptied regularly.

These can be handed in at the Infopoint in triplicate.

This is where personal data is managed. It is important to notify the Student Service Centre of any changes to your personal data. Name changes are carried out by the Student Service Centre team after submission of the relevant documents. Data such as postal address, telephone or mobile phone number must be updated by the student themselves via the PRIMUSS portal. This is the only way to ensure that students always receive all relevant information and documents.

International Office

The International Office acts as a reliable partner for students who are planning an exchange semester abroad or who are completing their Erasmus exchange semester at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. With professional support, it assists with the organisation, facilitates the process and promotes intercultural exchange. A contact point for a wide range of opportunities and enriching experiences in an international study environment.

Central Student Counselling and Career Service

We answer all your questions about studying. From the start of your studies to starting your career, we are happy to provide you with help and advice in person, by phone, email, WhatsApp or Zoom.