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Student Parliament

The Student Parliament... one of the student representation bodies at Landshut University of Applied Sciences and consists of

  • the 12 spokespersons of the student councils of the respective faculties and
  • the 12 directly elected students
  • plus the two votes of the senators.

These 26 people are entitled to vote and vote on the respective resolutions.

These resolutions serve to make student and working life easier and more enjoyable for students and lecturers at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. Every student can be elected to the Student Parliament and also to the Student Council. If a motion is to be voted on by non-elected students, these 26 students have an active right to vote.

Decisions that have already been implemented include, for example, the red seating (Enzos), which are distributed throughout the campus, the table football tables and the water dispensers. Every student's request is considered and carefully debated. Every semester there are new regulations, which we try to pass on to you via our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. The Student Parliament meets once a month.

The chairpersons of the Student Parliament

The chairpersons of the Student Parliament are elected from the 26 eligible voters mentioned above. The election is held at the beginning of the winter semester by the university management to confirm the chairpersons.

If it is not known which topic belongs to which department, the chairpersons will take responsibility for it. The board members are also represented in meetings of the university management and hold monthly discussions with the President of Landshut University of Applied Sciences.

The board members are the central contact persons for the student representatives, who can and should be approached at any time on all topics. They chair the official meetings of the Convention, at which every student is invited to attend and submit proposals.