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Accredited degree program

Automotive engineering

Rarely has a key industry faced such major technical challenges as the vehicle sector: the shift from the classic combustion engine to alternative drive systems, autonomous driving, new and sustainable vehicle concepts and user-friendly design are just some of the most important buzzwords.

Start Winter semester
Admission CriteriaZulassungsfrei
Application period 15.04.2024 - 15.07.2024
Study format Full time, with in-depth practical experience, Joint degree programme
Study cost None (only semester fee)
Normal duration7 Semester
Accredited degree program

Profiling: International Vehicle Engineering

Internationalisation is a buzzword that keeps cropping up in the media in a wide variety of contexts. For the automotive and supplier industry in Germany in particular, however, it is a crucial success factor. Today, no company in the automotive industry can afford to be active only nationally or even regionally. This is why the willingness and ability of employees to cooperate internationally is an increasingly important key qualification.

While the semester abroad usually leads to an extension of your studies, the International Vehicle Engineering specialisation offers you the opportunity to study at a foreign university for up to two semesters, take the relevant examinations there and have them recognised as an integral part of your studies at our university without extending the duration of your studies. You have a great deal of freedom both in the choice of foreign educational institution and in the choice of subjects you take there. This gives you the opportunity to organise your studies very individually according to your interests within the standard period of study, while at the same time gaining experience abroad and gaining valuable qualifications for your career entry. Throughout the entire process, you will receive intensive and personalised support from university staff.

Prof. Dr. Manfred Strohe

Head of degree programme