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The Dual models

The dual study programme is available in two models at Bavarian universities.
While the combined study programme is a combination of training and study, the study programme with in-depth practical experience is a normal study programme with periods of in-depth practical experience in the company.

Dual study programme - combining theory and practice

Would you like to gain practical experience during your studies that will benefit you and your chosen company?

Advantages of a dual study programme:

  • Direct practical application of the knowledge you have learnt
  • Acquisition of important skills for professional success
  • Outstanding career and employment opportunities
  • Continuous remuneration

Landshut University of Applied Sciences supports you in your dual study programme with individual advice and support, exchange of experience and networking from the start of your studies to graduation.


  • A-levels
  • Technical baccalaureate
  • Qualified master craftsman
  • Bachelor's degree (for Master's degree programmes)

The models

Combined study programme - Bachelor

Study at the university with integrated vocational training (with IHK or HWK qualification) in a company or organisation of your choice.

  • Duration: 4.5 years
  • Vocational training in the first year
  • Transfer to the university after a maximum of 14 months in the company
  • Completion of training during the degree programme in the 3rd year of training
  • Alternating university and practical phases
  • Usually smooth transition from dual study programme to employment

Study programme with in-depth practical experience - Bachelor

  • Duration: 3.5 years, including 16 months of practical work plus Bachelor's thesis
  • Study at the university with intensive practical phases in a company or organisation of your choice in addition to the planned practical semester
  • Familiarisation with operational processes and building up sound professional practical experience and valuable contacts
  • Alternating university and practical phases
  • Practical phases during the lecture-free period
  • Company-related Bachelor's thesis in the company
  • Generally smooth transition from dual study programme to employment

Study programme with in-depth practical experience - Master's degree

Highly qualified junior staff through a dual Master's programme

  • Duration: 1.5 years
  • Alternating practical and theoretical phases
  • At least half of the standard period of study takes place in the company
  • Start in the summer semester (with a few exceptions also in the winter semester)
  • Company-related Master's thesis

Non-dual Bachelor's graduates are also eligible for admission.
You can find an overview of all Master's degree programmeshere.

ICS model

In this variant of the degree programme with in-depth practical experience, the focus is on the second half of the degree programme and thus on successful career entry.

  • Target group: above-average students, nominated by the faculty
  • Selection time: after the first three semesters at the earliest
  • Funding period: over the last, usually three, semesters of study
  • Sponsorship agreement: between company and student, including continuous monthly remuneration, including during the theoretical phases
  • Interlocking of theory and practice: lectures in the semester cycle, practice in the lecture-free period
  • Smooth transition from studying to working life
  • Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes
  • Professional service and support for ICS students through the ICS

You can find more information about the ICS model here:

For students
For companies

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If you have any questions, please contact us directly:

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