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Upgrade for Biogas
Biogas facilities are important drivers for the energy transition, yet, for many operators, they are no longer profitable. Conversion to biomethane can make such facilities more flexible and energy...
What is Digitalisation?
The first in a series of lectures on the subject of digitalisation was presented at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences last Thursday. The presenters touched upon everything from the...
More Safety for Electric Cars
Under the auspices of the FORELMO joint research project, experts at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences have been carrying out research into how batteries in the electro-mobility sector are...
Teaching: from analogue to digital
Have fun as you learn instead of a lecturer's monologue - digital elements can loosen things up. But the switch from paper lecture notes to multimedia teaching demands new media literacy from...
Business in the Digital World
On Wednesday Jürgen Kunz from ORACLE spoke to Landshut University of Applied Sciences about how businesses can benefit from digitalisation.
So close to gold!
Landshut University of Applied Sciences takes second place in the university rankings.
Logistics of the Future from Dingolfing
€812,000 for the "Intelligent Production Logistics" project at the PULS Technology Centre at Landshut University of Applied Sciences.
Smart displays off the printer
A shirt that communicates with the environment? Electroluminescent displays could soon make it happen. The strips of film can be integrated within clothing, and Maximilian Wurzer, a student at...
More Space for Teaching and Research
On Wednesday Landshut University of Applied Sciences opened its new lecture hall and administrative building.
App Reminds Drivers to Leave Space for Emergency Vehicles
Landshut Computer Scientists have developed an app that prompts drivers to leave space for an emergency access corridor in the event of a traffic jam.
Value from wastewater
Sewage sludge contains lots of valuable elements which are prized as fertiliser for use in agriculture. Phosphorus in particular is an important nutrient for plants. Researchers at Landshut...
Recognising Diseases with Algorithms
As part of a project, biomedical engineering students looked into ways in which algorithms may be able to help radiologists to interrogate medical images.
„Everyone wants everything, and preferably right now“
More evolution than revolution: for Joachim Drees, Managing Director of MAN SE / MAN Truck & Bus AG, digitalisation represents a development rather than a sudden upheaval. Drees was addressing the...
More Safety for Children Living with Foster Families
New research project has been launched at Landshut University of Applied Sciences
Technology for the cars of tomorrow
<br /> Automotive to be expanded as a strategic focus at Landshut University of Applied Sciences<br />
I.C.S. model provides practical experience while studying
Nine students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences from the Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Industrial Engineering faculties are commencing their practical semester...
Enrolments for the coming winter semester well underway
Prospective students have been able to enrol for the upcoming 2018/2019 winter semester at Landshut University of Applied Sciences since 23 July.
45 years of social work
Anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Social Work at Landshut University of Applied Sciences
Start-up assistance for start-ups
The eighth Landshut "Start-up Night" takes place at Landshut University of Applied Sciences on 20 November
"Ticket to the world of work"
Landshut University of Applied Sciences said goodbye to 1,053 graduates at the Graduation Ceremony on 10 November
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