LecturerProf. Dr. Clemens Dannenbeck
Type of courseLecture
ECTS credits4
SemesterWinter Term
Admission Requirementscompulsory subject as a basis for "Youth Cultural Developments"
  • Talking about culture always seems to make a difference.
  • Some may say there are inevitably clashes of culture.
  • Cultural differences lead to conflict
  • Culture defines belonging and affinity
  • All these attitudes towards culture widely ignore the fact that any culture is constantly changing and developing
  • understanding culture therefore means the powerful processes that distinguish between inclusion and exclusion.
LecturerProf. Dr. Stefan Borrmann
Type of courseSeminar
ECTS credits2
SemesterWinter Term
Admission Requirements

Lecture "Social work and cultural differences"

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  • At the beginning of the seminar an introduction to youth and sub cultures will be given.
  • The main part of the seminar will consist of the presentation of current youth cultures in detail (i.e. Skinheads, Straight Edge/ Hardcore-Scene, Punk, Hip-Hop).
  • The relevance for Social Work practice will be pointed out.
LecturerProf. Dr. Andreas Panitz
Type of courseSeminar
ECTS credits6
SemesterWinter Term (from 2019/20)
Admission Requirements


  • Students will look at "melancholia" as a contemporary society and culture. The course refers to multiple psychological theories of depression and covers the psychopathological traits of depression.
  • Therapeutic options using music or arts will be reflected