Module Pedagogic Principles for Social Work - Winter Term

Pedagogic Principles for Social Work - Compulsary (English friendly)

LecturerProf. Dr. Mechthild Wolff
Type of courseLecture
ECTS credits4
SemesterWinter Term
Admission Requirementscompulsory subject as a basis for "Culture, education and social work"
  • Students know the basic perceptions and scientific definitions of the terms education, literacy and socialization.
  • They understand the meaning of these conceptions and they know that social workers deal with target groups in every state of human development.
  • Students are also able to define the phases early childhood, childhood, youth and adulthood.
  • Students reflect family, peer group and school as living environments and they get first ideas about the challenges of social work within these contexts.

Culture, Education and Social Work (English friendly)

LecturerProf. Dr. Andreas Panitz
Type of courseSeminar
ECTS credits2
SemesterWinter Term (from 2019/20)
Admission Requirements

Lecture "Pedagogic principles of social work"

no musical knowledge or skills required

please choose this option in this area of competence

  • "Cultural Education" inside and outside the school education system focuses on learning through the arts. In the context of Social Work, emphasized goals can be: "Cultural Participation", "Empowerment", "Personality development" and "Inclusion".
  • In this introductory seminar we will discuss the correlation of culture, arts and education.