Actuator Solutions GmbH


Produktion / Dienstleistung


Actuator solutions is an international joint venture between SAES Getters (Italy) and Alfmeier Präzision AG (Germany), incorporated for the development, production and marketing of actuators based on innovative SMA technology. SMA: a unique family of advanced materials characterized by super elasticity and ability to assume predefined forms when subjected to a heat treatment.


  •         Body actuators
  •         Actuators for dashboards
  •         Actuators for seats
  •         Latches and closures
  •         HVAC actuators

Electronics & buildings:

  •         Relays
  •         Thermo-actuators
  •         Broad replacement of VCM and Piezo applications

White goods:

  •         Electrical actuators
  •         Water valves

Consumer electronics:

  •         Autofocus & OIS
  •         Zooming
  •         Flip mechanism
  •         Shutters


Actuator Solutions GmbH
Richard-Stücklen-Straße 19
D-91710 Gunzenhausen
Telefon: +49 9831 88079-0
Fax: +49 9142 977-522