ALTP Heat Flux Sensor

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The Atomic Layer Thermopile (ALTP) represents a new surface measurement technique that advances studies of heat transfer processes especially in unsteady and short-duration flow environments. The measurements benefit largely from its low time constant of less than one microsecond.

The ALTP was employed over a broad range of flow conditions and speeds from subsonic , incompressible flow to hypersonic Mach numbers. For example , heat transfer turbulence spectra are provided for cooling passages of gas turbine blades, and the laminar-turbulent transition process in planar and conical hypersonic boundary layers are investigated.

The ALTP sensor was developed within a German Research Foundation Grant at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamic, Universität Stuttgart and tested in several test facilities and flow environments:

  • Khristianovitch Institute of Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, Novosibirsk: AT-303, IT-302
  • Institute of Aerospace Thermodynamic, Universität Stuttgart: Turbine Blade Internal Cooling Test Rig
  • Institute of Space Systems, Universität Stuttgart: Plasma thruster TIHTUS
  • Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Techische Universität Braunschweig: Hypersonic Ludwieg Tube (HLB)
  • Purdue University, Aerospace Science Lab: Mach-6-Quiet-Tube

The ALTP measurement unit is developed in corporation with the companies Fortech GmbH and Cosytech Electronics.

Custom made ALTP sensor with static and dynamic calibration (sensitivity and amplitude frequency response) are provided and low noise amplifiers are adapted to your needs and test environments.