How do I report a problem to Service IT?

Describe your problem to us in an email and send it to:

E-MAIL:   support(at)

In urgent cases you can reach us by phone at:

TEL:  +49 (0)871 - 506 126

or in person in rooms N101 and N108 during opening hours.

Customer support opening hours

Monday - Thursday:
10:30 to 11:30
12:30 to 14:30

08:30 to 11:30

What is remote maintenance?

In order to enable the HelpDesk employees to support remote computers, the Teamviewer software is used at Landshut University of Applied Sciences. This enables the consultant in the HelpDesk to carry out remote maintenance (controlling the mouse and keyboard via an encrypted connection) on the customer's PC. In parallel to this remote maintenance, the customer and consultant are always in telephone contact. This remote maintenance can be used to explain applications and menus or to make settings on the customer system - with the rights of the user logged in there. The customer can follow the advisor's activities on his or her own screen. The program can be terminated at any time.

How does remote maintenance work?


  1. The customer calls the HelpDesk hotline.
  2. If the question can best be clarified via remote maintenance, the consultant will refer the customer to the link for downloading the support client:
  3. The customer loads the Support Client - an executable file - onto his system. (No installation)
  4. The support client is started. It is only active during program execution
  5. The program activity is displayed in a window at the bottom right of the taskbar
  6. The consultant opens the encrypted remote maintenance connection
  7. The customer can follow the activities on their own screen
  8. The consultant now controls the customer's PC with the rights of the user logged in there
  9. The request can now be processed by telephone contact with the customer
  10. When the request has been answered, the customer ends the program using the icon in the taskbar at the bottom right
  11. After the program has ended, the support client file can be deleted on the customer's PC

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