What is "Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" (formerly: "Microsoft-Imagine")?

To use Microsoft Azure Dev Tools, they need to register under Microsoft 365.

With this registration, eligible university departments with a primary focus on science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) are entitled to a free online subscription to Microsoft Dev Tools for Teaching to be used only for teaching activities across their department. Microsoft Dev Tools for Teaching allows you to equip your working- with the latest developer, design, and server tools from Microsoft to support individual or class instruction for your students/teachers. Software purchased through the Microsoft Dev Tools for Teaching subscription may be used for educational purposes only. Use for commercial purposes or in the institution's production operations is not permitted.

Azure Dev Tools for the classroom

The program includes the following software products:

  • Server operating systems (Hyper-v Server, SQL Server, ...)
  • Client operating systems (Windows 10, ...)
  • Developer tools (SQL Server 2019 Developer, Visual Studio, ...)
  • Applications (Access 2016, Visio Professional 2019, ...)

For Azure Dev Tools, you still need to perform the following steps:

Please pay attention to the following note:

"Azure Dev Tools for Teaching" and "Office 365" is completely operated by Microsoft. You enter into a contractual relationship with Microsoft. You yourself are responsible for compliance with the license terms.
The software downloaded via "Azure Dev Tools" and "Office 365" for Teaching" may only be used for personal education and training on private computers of the above-mentioned authorized group of persons. Commercial use of the software is prohibited.
Other services (some of which are subject to a fee) are also offered via the Azure platform. The costs incurred when using these services are to be borne by you.
Service IT has no influence on the offer and functionality of Azure as well as the software. In case of problems, please contact Microsoft support exclusively.

The full Microsoft Azure Developer Tools contract agreement can be found at the following link: https://azureforeducation.microsoft.com/de-DE/institutions/guidelines

Microsoft Office 365 for dependents at the university!

To use Microsoft Office 365, you have to register at Microsoft 365.

You can log in to any of Microsoft's services using your HAW-MS email address at  https://mysignins.microsoft.com.
This is:



As password always use the current password of your university user ID.

The following rules apply to your Microsoft account:

  • for each user ID, first name, last name, @az.haw-landshut.de mail address and primary mail address are synchronized with the Azure AD
  • On the day of the end of the contract or exmatriculation the use of the account ends and it is prepared for deletion
  • 90 days after that all data (account and content) will be deleted permanently and irretrievably
  • after another 90 days (i.e. 180 days after leaving) all metadata are also permanently deleted
  • Landshut University does not back up your data

As part of its collaboration with Microsoft, the university provides Microsoft365 to all students and employees.
This includes the following products, among others:

    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • and more

    Note in case of errors and problems:
    Central IT has no capacity to help you with software for private use and cannot provide support on the available products in the Office Portal.
    Thank you for your understanding.


    Which antivirus should I use?

    As of July 20, 2023, the antivirus solution "Endpoint and Server Protection" from Sophos is no longer licensed by Landshut University. Please use Microsoft Defender from now on.

    Information about Microsoft Defender for Microsoft Windows 10/11 systems:

    Haw Landshut does not provide additional antivirus software for private systems of students, faculty, and external staff due to the antivirus solution (Microsoft Defender) built into current Windows operating systems.

    For work systems issued to university employees who have not yet been deposited in the software distribution system, see:


    a guide for the connection.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at ticket(at)haw-landshut.de.

    Installation guide for Microsoft Defender on Linux (Ubuntu/Debian):

    Haw Landshut does not offer a separate antivirus solution for Linux systems due to the current security situation in the area of virus threats for Linux systems. Please note in this regard:https://www.allianz-fuer-cybersicherheit.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/Webs/ACS/DE/BSI-CS/BSI-CS_009.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=2 at page 2/6, quote: "3.2 Virus protection program
    The installation of a virus protection program is not necessary under Ubuntu, based on the current state of the threat situation with regard to malware.
    threat situation with regard to malware for Linux, is not necessary under Ubuntu."

    If your system (e.g. virtual customer server, lab server, etc.) needs to be backed up separately, please follow the intranet link:


    and request the necessary (licensing) script via the email address it-anwendungen(at)haw-landshut.de.

    How do I uninstall Sophos Antivirus?

    Uninstalling Sophos Antivirus:

    1.    Open settings:

    2.    Open apps:

    3. Uninstalling Sophos and associated Sophos programs
    Administrator privileges are required to uninstall each of the programs. Between uninstallations, wait for the app to disappear from the page. This may take a moment.
    After uninstalling "Sophos Anti-Virus", a popup should normally appear at the bottom right of the screen, telling you that Windows Defender has been reactivated.

    4.    Open Windows Security:

    5. Check Windows Defender and reactivate if necessary
    In the following image, Windows Defender is already enabled. Only Ransomware protection and Reliability-based protection under App & Browser Control are disabled.
    The Ransomware only provides passive protection by storing important documents in the Microsoft cloud.
    Reliability-based protection is disabled by default for regular Windows 10 consumer accounts, but enabled for enterprise customers. (See alsosupport.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/sch%C3%BCtzen-sie-ihren-pc-vor-potenziell-unsicheren-anwendungen-c7668a25-174e-3b78-0191-faf0607f7a6e)

    6. Check for updates to Windows Defender.
    Windows Defender may not have updated automatically while Sophos antivirus was installed. It is therefore recommended that you check for updates.

    7. Enable reliability-based protection.
    Again, administrator rights are required for this.




    What engineering software is offered by the university?

    Software CREO

    For students of the university, the company PTC provides the Software CREO as a free download. This is available on the website http://www.ptc.com/go/creoforstudents. After a successful registration, you will receive a reply email with the instructions to download and install the software.  Compared to your campus version, the only thing missing is Creo Simulate and the CAM Suite. If you need this, please contact the support of the data center.

    Autodesk®-Products (for example AutoCAD)

    Autodesk offers students and educators free access to nearly all Autodesk products. Participation in the Autodesk Education Community is a prerequisite.

    License form:
    Participation in the Autodesk Education Community

    the right of use expires with the end of your studies

    Reference type:
    Purchase via the manufacturer's website.


    Contract and License Terms:

    Software and cloud-based services provided free of charge to members of the Education Community may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, teaching, training, research, and development, and not for commercial, professional, or other for-profit purposes.


    Please note our general user guidlines und die developers terms of use

    The campus-wide MathWorks license for HS Landshut: MATLAB, Simulink and additional resources

    The campus-wide MathWorks license for HS Landshut:
    MATLAB, Simulink and additional resources

    Landshut University of Applied Sciences provides its students, faculty, and research staff with a campus-wide license for academic use of MATLAB, Simulink, Toolboxes, and other programs. The license can be used by individual end users to download, install, and use MathWorks products on private devices in addition to university computers.
    MATLAB and Simulink:

    MATLAB provides its users with an intuitive programming language as well as an interactive programming environment used for modeling mathematical algorithms, analyzing and graphically representing data, and performing numerical calculations. Simulink, thanks to its graphical interface, allows the modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems. In addition, students can access over 100 other tailor-made MathWorks software solutions for data analysis, image processing or work on artificial intelligence.
    Download for students and faculty members and university employees:
    All members of Landshut University of Applied Sciences are permitted to install a copy of the software on a personal device and use it for research and teaching in accordance with the license agreements.
    To download and activate the software, end users access the university’s MATLAB portal. The Quick Start Guide describes in detail the steps required for installation.

    Related Links:

    • If you have technical problems during installation, please contact MathWorks Installation Support
    • you will find instructions for activating your software

    MATLAB online training and training courses:

    Landshut University of Applied Sciences provides its students with a series of interactive online training courses. With a valid email address, you can easily access the self-directed and project-based lessons. The training sessions can be found at  https://matlabacademy.mathworks.com/.
    More MathWorks resources for teaching and research:

    • Explains basic and advanced functions of MATLAB with videos and examples
    • MATLAB Online: Use MATLAB and Simulink directly in the browser - no download required (only for supported toolboxes)
    • MATLAB Grader: Create, save and share interactive coursework for MATLAB
    • MATLAB Parallel Server: Run an unlimited number of MATLAB processes on a cloud-based cluster
    • MATLAB Central: Problems working with MATLAB or Simulink? The helpful MathWorks community answers questions and helps you use products efficiently

    For more information, see the following links:

    EN-US | DE-DE Quickstart End Users
    EN-US | DE-DE Renewal Instructions

    Employee - An application no longer exists but was installed

    An application that was running yesterday is suddenly missing from the device. The affected device is a laptop or office PC that was turned off overnight/over the weekend.


    An update has probably been provided for the application, which should be installed automatically via the Software Center. If the device was only switched on on the morning of the office day, it will receive this update message and attempt to update the application. Previous versions of the application will be removed. It may happen that some applications have various dependencies on other programs (e.g. MS Outlook and the Firefox browser use an Adobe Acrobat extension to create PDFs). If Adobe Acrobat is to be replaced and one of the dependent programs is open, the update will fail.

    Please open the Software Center (this can be accessed in the start menu of your PC under Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center). After turning on your PC, opening the software center directly may display an error message that the service is currently unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes as not all necessary services have started on the PC yet.

    After opening the software center, please look at the Installation status tab. If there is an entry for the application that you are missing and its status is not Installed, then an update process is currently in progress. Please wait for some time until this is completed. If the status shows errors, please click on the entry in the relevant line and press the Repeat button.

    If the installation fails again, please try restarting your computer, leave all applications closed for the time being, start the software center after a short wait (as mentioned above, all necessary services must first have been started), click on the Installation status tab again and try the installation again (Repeat button).

    If the installation fails again, a link to an error dialog will be displayed below the Retry button. Please click this link and view further information. Please take a screenshot and send it, including your PC name, as a reply to helpdesk(at)haw-landshut.de. You can find the PC name by going to the Control Panel and selecting System. The computer name appears approximately in the middle of the displayed page.

    If the installation was successful, you can continue working as usual. If your PC is an office PC (not a laptop), please leave it switched on at the end of your work day. Please just log out. Important updates are usually installed in the evening hours so that they do not hinder your work during the day.

    Employee - Installation Adobe products



    Before installing Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, it should be noted that for most employees, comfortable viewing of PDFs is the priority. To do this, use Adobe Reader DC (installation instructions under point 1).

    If you e.g. If you need to create PDF forms and modify existing PDF files, for example, Adobe Acrobat is the right choice for you. The installation instructions for Adobe Acrobat can be found below (point 2).

    1. Installing Adobe Reader DC:

    Please close all applications (e.g. MS Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, MS Excel, etc.) that could affect the installation. If you are not sure, restart the computer, log in and start from this state.

    In the start menu you will find the “Software Center”. Click on the icon (Fig.1):

    The software center starts and checks the status of the installed software on your computer (Fig.2):

    After a few seconds, the application will display the available programs (Fig.3):

    Select “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” by clicking on the icon (Fig.4).

    By clicking on the “INSTALL” button, the application will be installed on your system (Fig.5).

    The installation routine will place an icon on your computer's desktop and make all the settings that contribute to smooth use.

    The installation has been completed successfully if you can see an "Uninstall" button next to the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC icon in the software center (Fig.6).

    Now close the “Software Center” program. The installation is now complete. A shortcut to Adobe Acrobat Reader has been created on the desktop.

    You can now use PDF files with Adobe Reader DC.

    2. Installing Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021:

    The Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021 DC program can be used to edit PDF files directly.

    Note: The use of Adobe Cloud and the connected cloud services are currently blocked.

    2.1. Creation of an Adobe user account:

    To use Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021, the manufacturer requires an Adobe user account. If you have already created an Adobe user account, you can do so directly at point 2.2. continue, otherwise the necessary steps are shown here.

    If you have not already done so or agreed otherwise, please register on this website: LINK  (HAW login is required)

    An Adobe account will then be created for you by Service IT.

    You will receive two emails, one to confirm registration receipt


    and an automatically generated email from Adobe with the subject "Start with All Applications" (as in the screenshot attached below).


    By clicking on the "Start now" button you will be taken to the Adobe website, where you will be asked to enter a secure password for the user account. (Please do not use your university password!)

    After you have assigned your password, you can log out of the Adobe website:

    Your Adobe account has now been created. Please note the password in a safe place (e.g. KeePass). If you no longer know the password, you can renew it using the link:reset Adobe password.

    2.2. Installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro 2021 DC:

    Please close all applications (e.g. MS Outlook, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) that could affect the installation. If you are not sure whether all applications are closed, restart the computer, log in and start from this state.

    In the start menu you will find the “Software Center”. Click on the icon (Fig.1):

    The software center starts and checks the status of the installed software on your computer (Fig.2):

    Select “Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2021” by clicking on the icon (Fig.4).

    By clicking on the “INSTALL” button, the application will be installed on your system (Fig.5).

    The installation routine will, among other things, place an icon on your computer's desktop and make all the settings that contribute to smooth use. Please note that depending on the performance of the computer, the network connection or the load on the servers, the installation may take several minutes.

    Note: All applications (e.g. MS Outlook, Rainbow, MS Teams) should remain closed until the application is installed. Applications that have been started (even minimized) can prevent successful installation.

    The installation has been completed successfully if you can see an "Uninstall" button next to the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC icon in the software center (Fig.6).

    The software center can now be closed. The installation placed 2 new icons on the desktop (Fig.7).

    Start “Adobe Acrobat DC” via the icon.

    Adobe Acrobat now requires you to log in with the Adobe user account. The email is the work email “firstname.lastname@haw-landshut.de”, you have noted the password from point 2.1. Any questions about a second/backup email address can be ignored with “not now”. The message asking whether Adobe Acrobat can be made the default application for PDF files can be answered with yes depending on your interests, so Adobe Acrobat will start when you double-click a PDF file.

    Adobe Acrobat should now be ready for use. Good luck.

    Use of Adobe products in the university's computer rooms

    Students at Landshut University of Applied Sciences can use Adobe products in the dedicated computer rooms.


    However, the following error message appears when you start it for the first time.


    To eliminate this message, the following steps must be carried out.

    1.       Start Creative Cloud


    If you already have an Adobe account:

    2.       Sign in (if you already have an Adobe account)


         If you don't have an Adobe account yet:

    2.       Click on “Create Account”.

    3.       Create a new, personal account with the HAW email address