How can I access my drive?

You want to use your personal drive? To do this, proceed as follows under Windows:


  • Hochschul account
  • Connection to the university network (achieved by: PCs in the computer rooms, Eduroam, VDI, VPN)


A) Mount network drive in Windows 10

1. Open Windows-Explorer

2. Select "This PC", then go to "Connect network drive ..." via right click

IMPORTANT: If there is already a connection, you will get an error message that the name and password are already in use. In this case, you must first remove the old connection.

3. Then select a free letter, enter "\\\HereYourUserName" as the folder, check "Connect with other credentials" and click "Finish".

4. Now enter the university account data ( + password).

Your abbreviation must be entered for the user name, not first name, last name or similar!

5. Confirm with "OK".

B) Mount network drive in Ubuntu (20.04 LTS)

1) Go to "Files" -> "Other locations" and enter the following for "Connect to server".

2) Enter at "Connect to server" -> smb://

3. Enter login data -> user name =, password = PASSWORD

How and where are my files stored?

Users can use 500 MB of storage space within the university's computer network.The users' data is stored on the hard disks of the ZDS (Central File Server) server.
When you log in, you are automatically connected to your home directory (= the reserved space) on the ZDS server.

Gigamove - share big data

As a student or employee of HAW Landshut you have access to GigaMove, a platform where you can easily share large files.

You can log in with your university account (ex.: s-muster)

If you have any problems or questions please follow the FAQ of the University of Aachen.