International Activities

In order to foster the internationalisation of social work and to clarify the potential of international social work for students, the Faculty actively encourages international exchanges.

Students may complete a stay abroad, either as an internship or a study semester. 

Alongside regular English-language guest lectures, which are offered as part of the semester lecture series of events, full-time lecturers also undertake study trips and visits abroad with students. 

The Faculty of Social Work cooperates with educational institutions for social pedagogues and social workers abroad and maintains numerous international contacts with specialists who form a network from which the students of the Faculty of Social Work can also benefit.

Studying abroad

In view of the way in which European nations are growing together and the internationalisation of social work, in many places there is high demand for graduates who have not only a qualifying university degree, but also intercultural competencies. Graduates of an internship or degree course abroad improve not only their professional prospects in the labour market, but at the same time also benefit from enhanced character formation. Against this background, the Faculty of Social Work supports students explicitly in undertaking either study or an internship abroad. The Study Abroad Coordinator or the Practical Experience Coordinator will assist you before, during and after your stay abroad.

To date, students of our Faculty have undertaken internships and semesters abroad in Brazil, Africa, Ireland, Colombia, India, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries across the world. We regularly welcome students from our partner University, the University of South Bohemia České Budějovice (CZ) for one or two semesters as guest students.

Semester lecture series

Guest lectures in the Faculty

The lecture on modern residential care for children in Scotland saw the Faculty inaugurating a new series of events. Under the theme "International social work - semester lecture", in future during every semester a lecture that will also be accessible to interested members of the public will be presented, to which international guests will be invited to the university to talk about social / social work-related topics. The lectures will generally be given in English.

The aim is to give students and other interested parties the opportunity to learn about developments in other countries. Over and above this, in particular, with the "semester lecture" we would like to offer our students the chance to enhance their subject-specific language skills and motivate them to explore and exploit professional opportunities abroad to a greater degree. 

Alongside the regular lectures in the "International social work - semester lecture" series, the Faculty also occasionally issues an invitation to attend guest lectures in connection with occasions both internal and external to the university.

Subject Contacts

International subject contacts can help students to answer questions on social work in other countries. They can act as a first point of contact for a stay abroad or provide background information for comparative (research) studies. The Faculty of Social Work and its members have a multitude of international contacts with members of other universities and in professional practice. If needed, the Faculty Study Abroad Coordinator may assist with appropriate contacts.


The Faculty of Social Work cooperates with the following educational institutions for social pedagogues and social workers abroad:

  • University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Linz Campus, Austria
    » Link [ext.]
  • St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, Rorschach Campus, Switzerland
    » Link [ext.]
  • University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Olten, Switzerland
    » Link [ext.]
  • Lincoln University, Hull School of Health & Social Care, Hull, United Kingdom

    » Link [ext.]
  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
    » Link [ext.]
  • University of South Bohemia České Budějovice, Czech Republic
    » Link [ext.]

As well as supporting our students during their stays abroad, for several years we have also regularly welcomed students from our partner university, the University of South Bohemia České Budějovice (CZ), for one or two semesters as guest students.

International Research Network in Social Work (IRN)

The IRN is an English-language contact network of researchers and professionals interested in the international exchange of knowledge and ideas in social work. The website, [ext.], was set up in 2005 by Professor Stefan Borrmann together with his colleagues Professor Christian Spatscheck (University of Bremen) and Professor Michael Klassen (Management Center Innsbruck).

The aim is to bring together any parties interested in the international exchange of knowledge and ideas. The network now has over 150 members from 41 countries. Since the network came into being, international publications, research projects and guest visits have been organised via bilateral contacts between the members. Membership is free of charge and is open to all qualified social workers.